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Re: [dow2tf] Revised draft

I'm hoping others will have an opportunity to review Steve's changes fairly quickly.

Steve: one thing I notice is that your proposed changes to the tiered access provision seems to make even further exploration dependent on resolving viability, financial feasability, etc. I'm not sure if that's the intent, but that's how it reads right now.


On May 26, 2004, at 10:54 AM, Steve Metalitz wrote:

Attached please find suggested edits to sec. 1.4 to bring this summary
closer into line with the content of the recommendations in sec. 3.3
(local law) and 3.5 (tiered access).

Steve Metalitz

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Hi all:

Sorry to send out another draft, but Glen was kind enough to provide me
with most of the links listed in the documents. I've added them, and in
the process moved just about all links into footnotes. I imagine in the
HTML version of the document, they'll simply become hyperlinks.

This version of the document is also relative to last week's document,
so if you haven't yet looked at the version from last night, don't
bother.  This tracks changes included in that document as well.


<TF 2 sec 1.4 redline sjm 052604.doc>

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