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[dow2tf] TR: Statement of interests tf2

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 23:38:53 +0200
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[To: Whois task force 2]

Please find the statements of Interest/ Conflicts for some of the task force
members. It was suggested that they might be included in the final report.
For those who have not yet sent one, please do or change the statement if
your circumstances have changed.

Thank you very much.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat


Commercial and Business Users Constituency

I am employed by AT&T, a global IP networking and communications corporation
that carries IP and voice traffic to all five regions, as the director of
policy and advocacy for Internet and e-commerce. AT&T is both a supplier of
Internet infrastructure and a business user of the unique identifiers
coordinated by ICANN. I am responsible for AT&T's global policy and advocacy
positions in a wide range of issues affecting the Internet, including
security, trademarks and domain names; IP addresses, privacy, content,
liability, spam, Internet governance, VoIP and other efforts to regulate the
Internet. AT&T is a member of the Commercial and Business Users Constituency
of ICANN, and I am one of three elected BC reps to the gNSO Council.  I am
also on the board of the Internet Education Foundation, a co-chair of
GetNetWise, the chair of the Global Public Policy Committee of the ITAA, a
trade association, and the chair of the Positively Broadband Campaign. I
receive no funding or reimbursement for any participation in ICANN and its
activities, other than that provided by my employer.

Registrars Constituency

My name is Thomas Keller and I'm working for Schlund + Partner
a Registrar in Germany representing the Registrar Constituency
in TF2.

As Registrars we are obligated by the RAA to run a own  whois server
for .com and .net domains and to transfer all relevant whois data as
stated in the RRA and RRA to so called "Thick Registries" at the
point of domain registration. Therefore we are affected by all changes
to the current ICANN whois policy.
Thomas Keller

gTLD Registry constituency

I work for RegistryPro, the operator of the .pro top level domain name.
We are required to provide Whois service for all registered names
within the TLD pursuant to our ICANN agreement.  Additionally,
RegistryPro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Register.com, a registrar
that operates its own Whois service for registered names that it

gTLD Registry constituency

As requested by the WHOIS Task Forces, my interests are:
1. Partner in the law firm, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Chicago IL
2. Chairman, Board of Directors, Public Interest Registry (mgr. of registry
of .org domain)
3. Representing Registry constituency of GNSO on Task Forces 1 and 2.
David W. Maher

At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)

I am an interim member of the At-Large Advisory Committee for the North
American region.   I am a staff atorney with the Electronic Frontier
Foundation, an online civil liberties group, and run the Chilling
Effects Clearinghouse, chillingeffects.org.  I have registered several
domain names in personal and professional capacities.

Intellectual Property Interests Constituency

"My name is Niklas Lagergren and I am working for the Motion Picture
Association (MPA), a trade association representing international producers
and distributors of films and television programmes. I am taking part in the
work of "Whois Taks Force 2" as a representative of ICANN's Intellectual
Property Constituency."

Non Commercial Users Constituency

Kathryn Kleiman is a founding member of ICANN's Noncommercial Users
Constituency, and was twice elected by its members to the Names Council.
Kleiman served for six years as Director of the Association for Computing
Machinery's Internet Governance Project, and also as co-founder and general
counsel of the Domain Name Rights Coalition.  She is the Internet law and
policy specialist for McLeod, Watkinson & Miller in Washington DC focusing
on the fair use and free speech aspects of the domain name system.  Her
clients include individuals, noncommercial organizations, entrepreneurs and
small businesses.

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