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Re: [dow2tf] Fwd: Data gathering suggestions

Hi Steve:

On Dec 16, 2003, at 11:03 AM, Steve Metalitz wrote:

(A) I suggest revising Jordyn's first question (and Thomas's addition) to
track more closely the wording of RAA secs. and 5, as follows:

1.	What mechanisms do you use to inform potential and existing
registrants of the following:

(a) the purposes for which contact data is collected;
(b) the intended recipients or categories of recipients of contact data;
(c) which contact data are obligatory and which (if any) are voluntary;
(d) how registrants may access and seek to rectify their contact data.

Please provide applicable URLs.

This is okay with me. Strictly speaking, issue (d) does not directly relate to the work of the task force, but this information may be useful to some other or future task force, and there's no sense going back to registrars multiple times on such closely related requests.

2.	What mechanisms do you use to obtain consent from registrants for
use of their contact data?  Please provide applicable URLs.

This is fine too.

(B) Will the TF members be accorded a final opportunity to review the
questionnnaires discussed on yesterday's call? If so, what is the target
date for circulating the final draft? (I also remain confused about which
questions will be asked to which group -- top 20 registrars? all
registrars? all constituencies? -- and ask that that be specified in the

I plan on circulating the other questions later today, along with some explanation of what goes where.

I definitely think the TF members should sign off on the questions prior to their dissemination. One option is to work this all out via e-mail, including a quick vote to make sure everyone is happy with them. A second alternative is to continue to work on language on the list, and then vote on our next call.

(C) I understand that after I had to leave the call yesterday afternoon,
participants were asked to indicate their availability for Task Force calls
between now and the end of the year. I am generally available over this
period and specifically could participate on Monday Dec. 22 and/or Monday,
Dec. 29 if calls are scheduled then.

Thanks for the update. The primary reason to have a call next week would be to finalize/approve questions to be sent out. If people believe this can be accomplished on the list, we could potentially put off a teleconference until the new year. I'd be glad to hear opinions on this point.


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