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Re: [dow2tf] WHOIS Task force teleconference draft minutes, December 8,2003

  • To: gnso.secretariat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, dow2tf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [dow2tf] WHOIS Task force teleconference draft minutes, December 8,2003
  • From: KathrynKL@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:32:14 EST
  • Sender: owner-dow2tf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With thanks and appreciation for the Secretariat preparing minutes
of our meeting, I would like to offer several changes based on my
notes and knowledge of our discussion: 

1.  My last name is spelled without a middle N - Kleiman.

2.  Under data gathering, my recommendation had been to include
the governmental contributions to the earlier WHOIS task force
because these groups because these groups have already done hard
work in looking at their own privacy laws and DNS questions.  
These comments include not only the EC's comments, but also the
comments of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party from the
European Commission, the International Working Group on Data
Protection in Telecommunications (national data protection officers
from numerous countries), and others.  Certainly noone should feel

Accordingly, please revise "Contributions the European
Commission to previous task force" ==> to be: "Contributions
from governments and governmental organizations to the previous
task force."

3.   Data Gathering should also include:
==> Tunisia Whois workshop and its powerpoint presentations

4.  For Milestone 4:
The phrase "existing legal compilations and commentary" belongs
as part of the prior line.  The statement should properly read:
===> "Documentation of local privacy laws with the held of the
GAC and the CCNSO, and also using existing legal compilations
and commentary."

5.  Finally, I renew my call in Milestone 2 for a second round of
public comment to "c) New additional data fields."   It is impossible
to respond to a suggestion that has not yet been made.  Some
constituencies will make suggestions for new data fields.  Others
will need to respond.  Consistent with other "reply comment
periods," the second round can be much briefer than the first round. 
In addition, we are not talking about public comment, but returning
to the Constituencies.  Overall, a brief and narrow reply comment
period is called for here.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathryn Kleiman
Noncommercial Constituency 

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