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Re: [dow1tf] FW: Task Force 1 - Non-marketing List

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  • Subject: Re: [dow1tf] FW: Task Force 1 - Non-marketing List
  • From: Wendy Seltzer <wendy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 08:26:32 -0800
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Several more WHOIS aggregators and lookup tools are listed in the DMOZ directory:

Some are registrars or registries, others appear to be independent sites.


Dotster - http://www.dotster.com/
Domain name registration and web hosting services.
Checkdomain.com - http://www.checkdomain.com/
Connects to the various domain registration databases around the world and displays the current status of a domain name.
Cool-Whois - http://www.coolwhois.com/
Domain search that features historical caching of whois information.
IP Whois - http://www.arin.net/whois/index.html
Identifies the owner and the IP address of the domain.
Whois Source - http://www.whois.sc
Domain name search tool that allows a wildcard search.
.US Registry Whois - http://www.whois.us/
Search for availability for the .us domain name.
dot cd registry - http://www.cd/
Search for .cd domain names.
.BIZ Registry Whois - http://www.whois.biz/
Search for the availability of .biz domain names.
Afilias - http://www.afilias.com
Search for the availability of .info domain names.
UK Domain Names Search - http://www.uk-domain-names-search.co.uk/
Check UK domains with these search tools.
DomainSurfer - http://www.domainsurfer.com/
domain name search engine with wild-card and drill-down search mechanisms which add flexibility to this powerful tool
DomainPeople.com - http://domainpeople.com/
International accredited top level domain registrar.
DomainSearch.com - http://www.domainsearch.com/
Search various domain extensions in real time.
easyWHOiS - http://www.easywhois.com/
Lookup domains across all registrars and most country codes.
Allwhois.com - http://allwhois.com/
International whois service to check domain name registration from nearly all domain registries worldwide.
Name Droppers - http://www.namedroppers.com/
Offers searches for domain names using multiple keywords.
DomainWatch - http://www.domainwatch.com/
Statistics , URL checker, and the latest news.
Domain -Name-Registration.uk.com - http://www.domain-names-registration-uk.com/
UK based domain name registration service.
BookMyName.com - http://www.bookmyname.com
Registrar for domain names located in France.
Domain Processor - http://www.domainprocessor.com/
Domain name registration for .com .net .org .biz and .info extensions.
Search Domains - http://www.searchdomains.com/
Search for available domain names in over 150 extensions, including .com, .net, .org, co.uk, and .cc names.
Nic.Uk - http://www.nic.uk/whois.html
Official UK domain name search .co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk and .gov.uk names
Fasterwhois.com - http://www.fasterwhois.com/
Searches the databases of all registrars of generic top level domains.
iDotz.Net - http://www.idotz.net
Domain name registrar offering several choices of domain extensions.
Whois Search - http://www.whois-search.com
Whois search for many domain extensions.
Access WHOIS - http://www.accesswhois.com/
Simple whois search that returns domain ownership.
DomainsNext.com - http://www.DomainsNext.com
Registers .com .net .org .info .biz and .us domains.
The Big Whois - http://www.thebigwhois.com/
Search the database and register your domain name.
Webspace Registry - http://www.webspaceregistry.com
Domain name registration, and other domain services.
DiDomain.com - http://www.didomain.com
Domain name registration and transfers and other services.
names24.com - http://www.names24.com
Domain name search and registration, and other services.
rwtech - http://rwtech.com/dom.html
A domain name lookup site for the most common top level domains.
Domainator - http://e-gineer.com/domainator/
Checks for domain availability, trademarks, definitions, synonyms and related words.
Dinsol.com - http://domains.dinsol.com/
Domain name lookup and registration service.
JPNIC Whois Gateway - http://www.nic.ad.jp/cgi-bin/whois_gate
Search domain names in English or Japanese.
SpaceReg.com - http://www.spacereg.com/
Whois gateway with domain lookups and other tools.
AllDomainsUSA.com - http://alldomainsusa.com/
Domain name registration, domain name search tools, and domain name renewal for .com, .net, and .org domains.
Dotway.com - http://dotway.com/
Domain name registration , whois look up, url forwarding for domains.
LocalWhois - http://www.localwhois.com
Find available or available-soon domain names that relate to your brand concept.
myDiscountDomains.com - http://www.myDiscountDomains.com
Registration and transfer all TLDs, services includes URL forwarding and email forwarding.
XWhois.com - http://xwhois.com/
Whois service to check domain registration from nearly all registries worldwide.
Domain Fellow - http://www.domainfellow.com/
Generates domain names. Combines keywords with a database of popular words. Provides multiple and custom domain name combination and query.
dnsExit.com - http://www.dnsExit.com
Domain registration and searching tools.
Schwarzl s Internet Tools - http://www.schwarzl.com/
Domain check, email validation, webserver and IP check.
NetStart4All - http://www.netstart4all.co.uk
Domain registration, based in the UK.
Edepot.com - http://www.edepot.com/irres.html
Allows to search for available domain names and explains the relationship between country names and domain IPs.
BizInfoWhois.com - http://www.bizinfowhois.com/
Offers whois lookups for .biz and .information domains.
Safe Domain Search - http://www.safedomainsearch.com
Does not use the WHOIS to check domains availability and does not collect search requests.
NS.com - http://www.ns.com/
Domain name tools and web hosting services.
whoisd - The Domain Whois Server - http://www.whoisd.com/
Universal WHOIS server for domain name lookups
Express Domain Names - http://www.express-domains.com/
Search and register .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, and .ws domain names.
dropPal Expired Domains Checker - http://www.droppal.com/
Search a list of domain names to locate the best expiring and expired domains with traffic, link popularity, and directory listings.
The Domain Works - http://www.thedomainworks.com/
Reseller of .com .net .org and other domains extensions and related services.
SearchNZ - http://www.searchnz.co.nz/cgi-bin/domainsearch
Allows you to do fuzzy searches on .nz domains.
Domain Spotter - http://www.domainspotter.com/
Uses semantic rules and heuristics to search for available domain names.
RegisterDomainNames.tv - http://www.registerdomainnames.tv/
UK domain name registration service.
NetRegister.biz - http://www.netregister.biz
Domain registrations offering many extensions.
DomainLookup - http://brettco.org/dom.html
Basic domain name lookup service.
EuroNic - http://euronic.net/international/domain.html
European domain name search and registration service.
Namesonic - http://www.namesonic.com/
Name search and expired domains.
Personal Domains Ltd - http://www.me.sc/
Scottish company selling domains with the .me.uk and .me.sc extensions.
getawebpagename.com - http://www.getawebpagename.com
Domain name registration and other services.
DomainKit.com. - http://www.domainkit.com/
Provides domain search and registration for several extensions.
thebulkregistry.com - http://www.thebulkregistry.com
Register your domain name or transfer your domain.
MyBaptism.com - http://www.mybaptism.com/
Register your given name as a domain name.
WW Names - http://www.wwnames.com/
Domain registration for many top level names including Australia.
Registermy.com - http://www.registermy.com/whois/whois.php
A who is look up for various domain extensions.
DrWhois.com - http://www.drwhois.com
Domain and IP lookup tool.
unidentified.co.uk - http://www.unidentified.co.uk
UK based domain names search and registration.
KD Domains - http://www.kddomains.com
Register domain names with several extensions.
uk1.co.uk - http://www.uk1.co.uk
UK based domain name registration company offering various domain extensions.
8.95domains.com - http://8.95domains.com/
Domain search tool and registration services.
Domain Names R-us - http://www.domainnames.r-us.com.au/
Australian based registrar offering a variety of domain names.
NamesWay.Com - http://www.namesway.com
Registers several domain name extensions.
Domainland.com - http://www.domainland.com
Domain name registrations, transfers and renewals.
Boimorto Whois - http://whois.boimorto.com
All whois in one page. Now support multilingual domain names.
SharedNic.com - http://www.sharednic.com/
Registration of .com, .net, and .org domains from 1-10 years.
UnitDomains.com - http://WWW.UNITDOMAINS.COM
Registers several domain extensions, including .com, .net, and .org.
Public Domains Name Registration - http://publicdomains.us
Search and register domain names with various extensions.
DomainNameUSA.com - http://DomainNameUSA.com
Search and register the domain names of .com, .net, .org, biz, info, and the new .us.
RegisterSign.com - http://www.registersign.com
Register domains names with .com .net .org .biz .info .us extensions.
ShiftRegister.Com - http://www.shiftregister.com/
UK based domain registration servce.
DomainLocators.net - http://domainlocators.net
Domain name registration featuring several domain extensions.
MegaClutch whois domain name search - http://whois.megaclutch.com
Free whois search of .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain names.
WhoisInterface.com - http://www.whoisinterface.com/
Search for available domain names.
Siteshot.com - http://www.siteshot.com/
Monitor and tracks domains about to expire.
domaintip.com - http://www.domaintip.com
Domain search and other domain services.
RegisterDomain.Net - http://www.registerdomain.net
Domain Name lookups, registrations, and transfers.
oz2com - http://oz2.com
Domain registration company also offers other services.
Sharedregistry.org - http://sharedregistry.org
This tool searches the shared registry database for whois information.
Nename.bz - http://nename.bz
Offering .bz name registrations only.
Dodgy Domain Names - http://www.dodgy-domain-names.com/
Domain name search tools, ideas and tips.
911domain.com - http://911domain.com
Domain name search and registration.
mchsol.com - http://www.mchsol.com/domains/whois/
Searches for various domain extensions around the world.
Titan Internet - http://www.titanhosts.net/whois.cfm
Whois checker searches for domains with various extensions.
World Whois - http://world-whois.com/
Domain registration of most extensions.
ShootyBangBang - http://www.shootybangbang.com/
Whois lookup to find out ownership information about a domain.
Kloth.net - http://www.kloth.net/whois.php
Whois service to look up internet domain information.
Order Your Domains - http://OrderYourDomains.com
Domain name availability and whois searches.
domains4india - http://www.domains4india.com
Domain name service located in India.
Reliable Web Solutions 4 Less - http://www.rws4less.com
Domain registration, transfers, forwarding and other services.
Curl Internet - http://curldomainsearch.com/
Australian domain name registration and search.
Network Solutions Whois - http://www.netsol.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois
Provides a form to find details about registered domain names.
Better-Whois.com - http://www.better-whois.com/
Queries all registrars and allows users to receive detailed whois reports via e-mail.
Go Daddy WHOIS - https://registrar.godaddy.com/whois.asp?isc=&se=%2B&from%5Fapp=&authGuid=
Search of domains registered through Go Daddy.

Wendy Seltzer -- wendy@xxxxxxxxxxx
Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School
Chilling Effects: http://www.chillingeffects.org/

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