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Re: [dow1-2tf] More "limitations may not apply to you" language

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  • Subject: Re: [dow1-2tf] More "limitations may not apply to you" language
  • From: KathrynKL@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 09:47:28 EDT
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Yes and no.  Of course the info can be used to provide the  service.  What we 
are talking about is the mandatory consent to use of the  data far beyond the 
service -- in a global public directory.  And that's  where we know there are 
contractual terms that EU citizens are not allowed to  consent to.  The big 
example is that an EU citizen cannot consent to  exportation of his/her data to 
a country without equivalent privacy protections  or safeguards the 
government has agreed to.  
You can't ask it in the contract.  I just thought we should be as  clear in 
the ICANN contracts on this issue as other large corporations are on  other 
issues.  Regards, Kathy

I really think we're  going off topic hear.  While I agree with Kathy's 
general notion about  various types of liability, it is not a violation, in the 
or elsewhere,  that their registrant information will be used to provide the 
service and  enforce the terms of the contract.  It is not a waiving of rights, 
but  rather a limitation of what the information is to be used for.  

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