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RE: [dow1-2tf] materials for Tuesday call

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  • From: "Cade,Marilyn S - LGCRP" <mcade@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 09:51:46 -0400
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My regrets that I cannot join today. I had separately emailed Jordyn and Jeff, 
and Glen and Barbara regarding my inability to join today. I will catch up with 
folks later. 

One request I have to all is that we start identifying a process for how we 
might identify "experts", and that we identify topics for which we think 
experts are needed. TF members really need to not be put in the position of 
being "experts", since we have responsibilities that put is un the position of 
needing to step aside and impartially evaluate various options, gathering as 
much information to further our present individual understanding and 
constituency/group positions. I believe the purpose of "experts" is to give the 
TF a chance to hear from outside resources, whomever they are. I suggest that 
after agreeing on a sort of criteria for experts, the TF should accept 
suggestions for experts, realizing this isn't a situation where we need more 
opinions, but where we need more facts. ... :-) 

I suggested to the co-chairs and staff that it would be useful to have 
transcripts of conf. calls with "experts", as a resource. My past experience is 
that isn't a terribly expensive item, but is around $200 per hour from one 
resource the previous WHOIS TF used... 

I will be on next Tuesday's call. My apologies for missing this call. I have an 
all day meeting that wasn't moveable.

Best regards, Marilyn

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From: Steven J. Metalitz IIPA [mailto:metalitz@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 9:33 AM
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Subject: FW: [dow1-2tf] materials for Tuesday call 

 With attachment this time, and my apologies for clogging your mailboxes
with my previous attempts.   

Steve Metalitz

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From: Steve Metalitz 
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 7:38 PM
To: Milton Mueller; dow1-2tf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; GNSO Secretariat
Subject: RE: [dow1-2tf] materials for Tuesday call 

 The attached document may be worth reviewing prior to tomorrow's call
(and/or discussing on the list, as several participants have
encouraged).  It is the report (the final version, I think) prepared in
April by the data analysis team of TF2 that was looking at the issue of
how consent is obtained from registrants.  In other words, this report
was a step preceding the recommendation that TF2 made on this subject.  

Steve Metalitz

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