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Re: [dow1-2tf] MP3 recording Whois tf 1 & 2 teleconference

Hi all,

this might be a little picky put point three should say:

How can a requestor be identified. That question automaticly leads
to at least three more questions:

a) What data is needed to indentify a person/entity?
b) How is the inital indentification process?
c) What system and how can a once indentified person/entity use to
   retrieve data?

Regarding scheduling I can't make the Tuesday in two weeks. Since I
represent a registrar effected by National Law I would very much like
to participate and ask if it might be possible to do it on Thursday
that week.



Am 14.09.2004 schrieb Neuman, Jeff:
> Just to recap this morning's call (as you can hear on the recording):
> The work plan going forward is to set up three calls in the next few weeks
> on the following items:
> 1)  Conspicuous notice to registrants on Whois Policies
> 2)  What happens in the event that any ICANN Policies conflict with National
> Law (i.e., what steps can be taken by the registrars and ICANN in order to
> address these potential conflicts).
> 3)  With respect to tiered access, the first issue to address is how to
> identify who is a "requestor."
> With each of these subjects, it is going to be important not only to
> determine what sub-issues are involved in addressing the questions, but
> also, what experts can be invited to participate and provide the Task Force
> guidance on these issues.  As an example, for issue #1, it may make sense
> (if the group agrees) to have legal experts from different countries discuss
> similar "conspicuous" requirements in contracts in their local
> jurisdictions.  The role of the experts is to provide the Task Force with
> advise on the various questions to be used a the Task Force members see fit.
> On the call we proposed having the three calls on the following dates:
> 1)  Tuesday, September 21:  4:00pm UTC, 11:00am Eastern Time (Conspicuous
> Notice)
> 2)  Tuesday, September 28:  4:00pm UTC, 11:00am Eastern Time (Law Conflict)
> 3)  Tuesday, October 5:  4:00pm UTC, 11:00am Eastern Time (Tiered Access)
> If Tuesdays are a problem, then it is also possible to do Thursdays, the
> September 24th, September 30th and October 7th at the same times.  Please
> let me know if TUESDAYS are going to be a problem. 
>  -- Also, we need to keep the discussions going on these topics through the
> mailing lists as well.  Please also note that these are initial calls on the
> above topics.  There will be additional calls on these topics as determined
> by the group.  Furthermore, there will likely be assignments handed out to
> members of the Task Force on these issues so that we can continue to move
> forward on these issues.
>  -- On an administrative note, for each constituency, please identify the
> two primary members of your constituency that will be participating on the
> Task Force.  It is possible to have other constituency reps serve as
> alternates, but at this time, we are only allowed a maximum of two reps.
> Thanks again for participating earlier today and I look forward to taking
> the next steps.
> Jeff
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> Subject: [dow1-2tf] MP3 recording Whois tf 1 & 2 teleconference
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> Please find the MP3 recording of the Whois task force 1 & 2
> teleconference held on September 14, 2004 at 11:00 EST 15:00 UTC 
> http://gnso-audio.icann.org/WHOIS-20040914-tf12.mp3
> http://www.gnso.icann.org/calendar/#sep
> Thank you.
> Glen de Saint Géry
> GNSO Secretariat



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