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[council] FW: [Acct-Staff] CCWG Accountability Draft Report

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For your Attention:

From: <acct-staff-bounces@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:acct-staff-bounces@xxxxxxxxx>> on 
behalf of Mathieu Weill
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 11:57 AM

Dear all,
On 30 November, the CCWG-Accountability delivered its third Draft Proposal to 
the ICANN community for consideration. The proposal includes twelve 
recommendations and annexes describing each of these in detail.
As previously announced, the comment period - 
 - is two-fold: firstly It invites Chartering Organization to indicate their 
endorsement of the proposed Work Stream 1 recommendations to ICANN's 
accountability and secondly It seeks feedback from the broader public.
To assist the community in considering its proposal the  CCWG-Accountability 
held two informational webinars on 2 December, which were attended by a diverse 
set of community members (140 attendees including 56 who were neither member 
nor participants to the CCWG). Session archives and list of attendees can be 
found on the wiki page at 
The CCWG-Accountability encourages individuals to channel their comments 
through their respective SO/ACs to streamline the processing of input and avoid 
duplication of comments. However, any individual, whether or not they are part 
of a Chartering Organization or an SO/AC, is welcome to provide their comments 
with respect to the CCWG-Accountability's proposal.

As indicated in the CCWG-Accountability Charter: Following submission of the 
Draft Proposal(s), each of the chartering organizations shall, in accordance 
with their own rules and procedures, review and discuss the Draft Proposal(s) 
and decide whether to adopt the recommendations contained in it. The chairs of 
the chartering organizations shall notify the co-chairs of the WG of the result 
of the deliberations as soon as feasible.

The CCWG-Accountability considers this Draft Proposal to be the Final proposal 
unless significant concerns are raised by Chartering Organizations. As the case 
may be, the CCWG-Accountability  might then amend the proposal to address these 
and post a supplementary report for approval by the Chartering Organizations.

In an effort to clearly identify the level of support for the recommendations 
the CCWG-Accountability would request that input clearly indicate your position 
on each of the twelve recommendations. Should a Chartering Organization, in its 
process to approve the proposal, identify any significant concerns that would 
require it to reject a specific recommendation, the CCWG-Accountability would 
request that such concerns be communicated to it as soon as possible even if 
the approval process in the Chartering Organization is not yet completed. This 
would allow the CCWG-Accountability to begin addressing any such concerns while 
advising the other Chartering Organizations of the situation.

The CCWG-Accountability would also like to remind the Chartering Organizations 
that the language proposed in the recommendations for ICANN Bylaw revisions, 
which affects all of the recommendations, are conceptual in nature at this 
stage. The CCWG-Accountability's external legal counsel and the ICANN legal 
team will draft final language for these revisions to the Articles of 
Incorporation and Bylaws (Fundamental/Standard Bylaws). As such the 
CCWG-Accountability is asking the Chartering Organizations to focus on 
approving the core concepts of the recommendations and not specific wording or 
implementation details. Any comments or issues on implementation should be 
clearly identified as such and will be considered for the implementation phase.

Given the time constraints the CCWG-Accountability is working to we would 
appreciate indications of support, if formal approval is not possible, from 
Chartering Organizations in a timeframe that is generally consistent with the 
official closing date of 21 December. The CCWG-Accountability recognizes that 
the internal process requirements of the Chartering Organizations may only 
allow these to provide formal approval of the proposal in the early days of 
January which would be acceptable if an indication of support has been provided.

Following the conclusion of the public comment period (21 December - 23:59 
UTC), the CCWG-Accountability will assess the level of support received and 
attempt to reconcile differing input, if any, from the Chartering 
Organizations. Should a Supplementary Report be necessary, the 
CCWG-Accountability would inform the Chartering Organizations of this promptly.

We look forward to your input on our Draft Proposal. For your information, to 
facilitate responses as well as enable the collection and aggregation of input, 
a survey was created for the community's use - see 
Should you wish to organize an informational webinar for your membership, we 
are more than happy to schedule a meeting.
As always, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.
Best regards

CCWG-Accountability Co-Chairs
Thomas Rickert
Leon Sanchez
Mathieu Weill

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