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[council] GNSO Candidates for CCT Review Team

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  • Subject: [council] GNSO Candidates for CCT Review Team
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  • Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 07:11:19 +0100
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I’d like to kick-off the discussion on the proposed CCT process which we didn’t 
have time to do at the last council call. Marika has already circulated the 
original process that GNSO Council used for its endorsements for the ATRT2. 
Find also attached a further developed version with my amendments which I guess 
would fit this case.
Items I think we need to clarify:
  1.. number of nominees to be endorsed
  2.. additional GNSO requirements
  3.. timeline
Ad 1: The suggested 4 nominees is the result of an extensive discussion in 
advance to the ATRT1 and 2 where similar review teams had to be filled. There 
is an uncertainty as to how many GNSO applicants will be accepted by the 
selectors (Fadi and Thomas, the GAC chair). Maybe staff can add some 
information regarding GNSO affiliations of the former ATRT1 and 2. I’m 
convinced our chances to get “our” candidates appointed shall increase by using 
a similar approach.
In the accompanying letter to the selectors the council may express that this 
is a minimum requirement.
Ad 2: The suggested additional GNSO requirements have not yet been published. 
So applicants looking for GNSO endorsement may need to provide related 
information in addition to their applications already filed. I’d like to ask 
staff here to check whether those applications already reflect this requirement.
This may impact the timeline as well.
Ad 3: The council is expected to decide on the endorsements at its 17 Dec call, 
based on SG internal endorsements. As SG processes usually take several steps 
to conclude it is critical to start asap in order to meet the suggested 
deadline of 14 Dec to inform the council.
What’s to be done at which time?
1. council to decide the process:    27 Nov
2. staff send additional GNSO requirements to applicants: deadline for input 2 
    in parallel send process to SGs with notification of additional applicants’ 
information expected
    maybe council to inform the selectors about the process and the “minimum 
number” of nominees
3. SGs inform council of their endorsements:    14 Dec
Please feel free to comment.
Best regards,


Attachment: Process for GNSO Endorsement of Nominees to the CCT-RT_draft_WUKedit.docx
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Attachment: Process for GNSO Endorsement of Nominees to the Affirmation of Commitments Review Teams - 1 June 2010[2].pdf
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