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[council] GNSO Council resolutions 19 November 2015.

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 Dear Councillors,

Please find the resolutions from the GNSO Council meeting on 19 November 2015.

1   Approval of a charter for the Next-Generation gTLD Registration Directory 
Service (RDS) to replace WHOIS (Next-Gen RDS) PDP WG

  1.  Following submission of the WHOIS Policy Review Team's Final 
 the ICANN Board passed a resolution on 8 November, 
 launching an Expert Working Group on gTLD Registration Directory Services 
(EWG) to (1) help redefine the purpose of gTLD registration data and consider 
how to safeguard the data, and (2) propose a model for gTLD registration 
directory services to address accuracy, privacy, and access issues.
  2.  Upon publication of the EWG's Final 
in June, 2014, an informal group of Generic Names Supporting Organization 
(GNSO) Councilors and ICANN Board members collaborated to propose a Process 
 for structuring a GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) to successfully 
address these challenging issues.
  3.  On 26 May, 
 the ICANN Board adopted that Process Framework and reaffirmed its 2012 request 
for a Board-initiated PDP to define the purpose of collecting, maintaining and 
providing access to gTLD registration data, and to consider safeguards for 
protecting data, using the recommendations in the EWG's Final Report as an 
input to, and, if appropriate, as the foundation for a new gTLD policy.
  4.  In accordance with the PDP Rules, a new Preliminary Issue 
 was published for public 
on 13 July 2015. Following review of the public comments received, the Staff 
Manager updated the Issue Report accordingly and included a summary of the 
comments received (see Annex D), which was submitted as the Final Issue 
 to the GNSO Council for its consideration on 7 October 2015
  5.  The GNSO Council has reviewed the issues raised in the Final Issue Report 
as well as the Draft Charter for a PDP Working Group that was included in the 
Preliminary Issue Report and updated reflecting the input received in the Final 
 under Annex C (pp.67-77)


  1.  The GNSO Council approves the Draft Charter proposed in the Final Issue 
 appoints Susan Kawaguchi as the GNSO Council liaison to the Next-Generation 
gTLD Registration Directory Service (RDS) to replace WHOIS (Next-Gen RDS) PDP 
  2.  The GNSO Council directs ICANN staff to issue a call for volunteers for 
the PDP WG after the approval of this motion.  The call for volunteers should 
be circulated as widely as possible in order to ensure broad representation and 
participation in the Working Group and should be initiated no later than 
January 4th, 2016 and remain open until the WG convenes for the first time; and

3.      The WG, when convened, is instructed to reach out to all Stakeholder 
Groups/Constituencies SG/Cs for additional feedback on any items that they 
believe should be considered that may not have been specifically called out in 
the charter. The WG is also expected to consider input already provided by 
SG/Cs during the public comment period on the Preliminary Issue Report. Should 
the WG be of the view that after the review of this feedback changes need to be 
made to the charter to address these, the WG is expected to come back to the 
Council with proposed changes to the charter for the Council to consider.

  1.  Until such time as the WG selects a chair(s) for the WG and that chair(s) 
is confirmed by the GNSO Council, the GNSO Council liaison to the WG shall 
serve as the interim chair.

2. Approval of the Referral Request to the Standing Committee on Improvements 
Implementation (SCI)


1.   The GNSO Operating 
Procedures<http://gnso.icann.org/en/council/op-procedures-24jun15-en.pdf> in 
Chapter 2.2 describe the process of elections of the GNSO Chair and the GNSO 

2.   Following the result of the initial election round at ICANN54 in Dublin, 
the GNSO Council agreed on a time 
for the next round for the election of the GNSO Chair 2015-2016

3.    During the ICANN 54 meeting in Dublin questions were raised with regards 
to the election process for the GNSO Chair and Vice-Chairs, including the 
candidate nomination process with particular reference to the preparedness of 
newly-elected Council members to vote, the eligibility of newly elected 
Councilors to run for the GNSO Chair position, the need for the GNSO Council to 
specifically determine the term of the Chair and Vice-Chairs in accordance with 
the ICANN Bylaws, and to the overall timing of the Chair election.


The GNSO Council requests the Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation 

   1. To review Sections 2.2(b), (f) and (g) of the GNSO Operating Procedures 
with respect to clarifying: (i) the eligibility of incoming Council members to 
run for the position of GNSO Chair; (ii) the start and end dates and the 
duration of the Chair and Vice-Chair terms in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws; 
and (iii) the timing of publication of the election results; and

   2. To recommend a general time table for election of the GNSO Council Chair 
to be approved by the GNSO Council and added to the GNSO Operating Procedures.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you
Kind regards,

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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