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[council] Letter to community from Fadi Chehadé

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Hello All,

Attached for convenience is the letter from Fadi to the community - published 
on the ICANN website - with a summary of key goals between now and Beijing. 

Bruce Tonkin

5 November 2012

Dear ICANN Community Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for your warm welcome and expressions of support during my first 
weeks in this new role. The responsibilities you have entrusted me with are 
truly awesome. We have much to do together, so let's get to work!

In Toronto, I promised you a summary of my key goals for the trimester ahead 
until we meet in Beijing. Here it is.


Operations Excellence is our highest priority. When ICANN fulfills its 
operational mission with distinction, it will not only strengthen the Domain 
Name System of which we are stewards, it will also engender trust and 
confidence, which are crucial to enhancing understanding and support for our 

The leadership team and I agreed that we have three key goals in this area for 
the trimester ahead:

(1) Deliver on every aspect of the new gTLD program launch next year, meeting 
obligations and securing the necessary resources and personnel to lead the 
transition from what has been a policy-driven effort to implementation of a 
responsive and reliable operation.   As a first step, we are working to advance 
the dialogue on implementation of the Trademark Clearing House.   We must also 
execute the prioritization draw, evaluations, and pre-delegation tests 

(2) We will build a new gTLD services department including 
relationship/contract management, operations services, and support services.  
The new department will be structured to implement policies, operationalize its 
services for scale, and establish a tiered support center for the growing 
number of brands, registries, and registrars.  Members of this new team will 
also shadow the policy development process to ensure we are developing 
'implementable' policies before they are finalized.  Finally, we will plan to 
reach consensus on a solid and enforceable Registrar Accreditation Agreement 
that is fair and balanced.

(3) We will institutionalize management disciplines and implement an automated 
management system to increase visibility and accountability.  The new system 
will enhance our metrics for delivery of on-time and on-budget projects.  Once 
the system is operational, we will proceed to re-organize ICANN staff under the 
new leadership team using a matrix structure integrating global/regional/local 
roles to enable the internationalization of ICANN's mission and reduce 
departmental silos that hinder efficiencies.


Our team will lead the realization of these key goals during the next trimester:

(1) Following the successful model of the African community - in which a 
diverse group of stakeholders assessed their strengths and needs and presented 
a proposed engagement strategy for ICANN - we are starting discussions with 
stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean, India, Brazil, Turkey, and 
other locations.  In this engagement model, ICANN will seek guidance from a 
country-level, multi-stakeholder, bottom-up process.  These efforts will be in 
concert with members of our community and with fellow Internet coordinating 

(2) We will retool and 'localize' our communications efforts to get closer to 
our stakeholders everywhere.  Following the successful launch of myICANN, we 
will continue to enhance this important engagement platform with increased 
functionality and content, specifically adding tools to streamline our 
collaborative activities with constituencies spread all over the world.

(3) We will evolve ICANN's relationships with governments and IGOs, 
promulgating to policy makers and negotiators a clear understanding of ICANN's 
role. Our goal is increased awareness, acceptance and support for ICANN's 
multistakeholder model.  We will achieve this with a broader engagement team, 
strategically deployed globally.


To evolve the multistakeholder model we need to both prepare for changes 
resulting from the new gTLD program and also improve the processes by which 
policy is made. We will also further promote the legitimacy of our model by 
demonstrating its effectiveness and its transparency.  Our team will focus on 
these key deliverables:

(1) We will enable more substantive inter-sessional discussions among 
stakeholders on challenging issues -- with particular focus on the new gTLD 
program -- and will encourage participants to see issues from the viewpoints of 
others.  We will encourage consultation, collaboration and even negotiation 
among stakeholder groups on an ongoing basis, with an aim toward arriving at 
ICANN public meetings with more consensus.

(2) ICANN's program to improve ethics and transparency is well underway, with 
the third of three independent/external reviews now completing its work. We 
will convert the recommendations of the reviews that have not yet been adopted 
into implementable standards and policies.

(3) We will launch a strategy effort to retool the ICANN SO/AC structures, 
preparing them to serve the next billion Internet users - most of whom will 
emerge from outside North America and Europe.


We will lead three key initiatives in this area:

(1) We will plan the next Accountability and Transparency Review Team while 
pro-actively and continuously reviewing the efficacy of changes made as a 
result of the last ATRT review.

(2) To strengthen our commitment to the public interest, we will launch a 
community effort addressing the WHOIS debate in a strategic way, to resolve the 
longstanding open items in this area.

(3) We will plan a community wide effort to formulate an updated ICANN strategy 
for the next 3 years.


You heard me speak in Toronto about Malala, the child who was shot and nearly 
killed by extremists for promoting the education of young girls . We are all 
relieved that she is now on the road to recovery!

The Internet gave a voice to Malala and brought news of her plight to the 
world. Together, we are entrusted with this awesome resource. I invite each one 
of you to join me - along with our superb ICANN staff and board - on the hard 
but very worthwhile journey to make ICANN a model of efficiency and reliability.

We are off to a new season!


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