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[council] Re: [ICANN Academy WG] Draft outline for a Pilot Leadership Training Programme in Toronto

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  • Subject: [council] Re: [ICANN Academy WG] Draft outline for a Pilot Leadership Training Programme in Toronto
  • From: Stéphane Van Gelder <stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 15:06:24 +0200
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Thanks for your email. For the sake of full transparency, I am including both 
the academy WG list and the GNSO Council list in my response.

I want to express surprise at this email. Over the last few days, since the 
draft program was sent to the academy group, there has been great discussion 
within this group and many, included myself, have sent in questions about the 
program as proposed or pointed out possible issues with the current draft.

The position the Council has asked me to carry to the academy WG is one of 
support for this proposed program. Also I fully understand that you need to 
start planning for this session if it is going to happen in Toronto. However, I 
am worried that your email, being as it is sent to community chairs that may be 
unaware of the current discussions within the academy WG, risks settings 
expectations that will not be met.

I would urge that you give the WG a little more opportunity to move ahead in 
answering some of the questions that have been raised or, if your 
organizational requirements for Toronto do not allow that, at least provide a 
more detailed snapshot of where the WG is currently at before calling 
participation from chairs without putting that call in its full and proper 


Stéphane Van Gelder
Directeur Général / General manager
INDOM Group NBT France
Registry Relations and Strategy Director
Group NBT

Le 24 août 2012 à 12:37, Filiz Yilmaz a écrit :

> Dear Leaders,
> Your names are listed as participants of the pilot SO/AC Leadership program 
> that is drafted to take place in Toronto during  12-13  October 2012. 
> Please find the mail below to ICANN Academy WG from the WG Chair Sandra 
> Hoferichter about it. 
> While the group is currently reviewing the attached documentation (curriculum 
> + the call to you), I would like to note this already to see your 
> availability in advance, which will help all involved in terms of travel 
> plans. 
> Could you please let me know 
> - If you would like to attend this program during  12-13  October 2012 
> yourself, or would like so send a Co-chair if your group had one or another 
> prospective leader from your group? 
> - If you would like to note another name from your group too, to be put on 
> the waiting list, in case we can place them in the program for the potential 
> unfilled seats. 
> Thank you and looking forward to your responses.
> Kind regards
> ---
> Filiz Yilmaz
> Sr Dir Participation and Engagement
> From: sandra hoferichter <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wednesday, 22 August 2012 15:22
> To: "at-large-icann-academy-ad-hoc-wg@xxxxxxxxx" 
> <at-large-icann-academy-ad-hoc-wg@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [ICANN Academy WG] Draft outline for a Pilot Leadership Training     
> Programme in Toronto
>> Dear WG members,
>> after a summer break Filiz and I started working on a draft outline for the 
>> pilot project in Toronto. Based on the FY13 Operating Plan and Budget and 
>> the results of this working group so far, we present you herewith a draft 
>> programme inviting you to comment.
>> While drafting this outline we already discussed various options, how to 
>> optimise it and what should be the focus. We expect that some of these 
>> options will be raised in this mailing list and we are happy to answer any 
>> questions and remain open for ideas, as long as they fit in the given 
>> framework.
>> In the FY13 Operating Plan and Budget document it is stated:
>> <<<"The ICANN-Academy concept is still being developed and reviewed within 
>> the SO-AC groups and further consensus is ongoing though a process led by 
>> ALAC / At-Large. While this process is ongoing, in early anticipation of the 
>> direction of the effort, a staff pilot project will be focused on the 
>> executive training of new SO-AC leaders on ICANN organisations, policymaking 
>> and related activities. The pilot would include usage of online tools where 
>> possible and an orientation session in Toronto. This pilot project should be 
>> seen as a first step in testing the overall concept and providing a basis 
>> for a future training program as well as experience to build on for future 
>> improvements if deemed necessary. ">>>
>> Furthermore this draft concept is based on the proposed curriculum. (see: 
>> https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/31168402/Draft+Initial+Proposal+%28as+of+18.02.2012%29.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1329954389000
>>  ).
>> The comment phase is open until: 31 August 2012
>> Nominations for participants should be sent to filiz.yilmaz@icann.orguntil 1 
>> September 2012
>> We are aware, that the discussion in the expanded WG is just about to start 
>> and this outline will not cover all the needs and ideas, however this pilot 
>> project should be see as a first step to build on an inclusive capacity 
>> building programme within ICANN. The WG is should review the pilot project 
>> critically and develop strategies and recommendations for future projects. 
>> To get a feedback from the participants this WG is asked to develop a 
>> survey, to be filled in by every participant in this programme.
>> We are looking forward to your comments.
>> Sandra and Filiz
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