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RE: [council] Prague - please read!

To follow up Mary’s e-mail, here is the reconsideration request she is 
referring to.  I agree the IGOs should be on the GAC discussion (though not 
sure the reconsideration request is of any relevance to the GAC).

Jeffrey J. Neuman
Neustar, Inc. / Vice President, Business Affairs

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Subject: Re: [council] Prague - please read!

Hi, Thomas' list looks good (though I should say I've not consulted NCSG 
colleagues and members so this is a somewhat personal view).

For the Board, I assume our concerns center on transparency as well as 
effective communication. Do we want to ask them what else they are considering 
- whether in relation to changing formats or duration of ICANN meetings, or in 
holding different types of meetings (per the budget) - that the GNSO can 
provide input on?

For the GAC, do we want to discuss their views on the IGO issue, especially as 
the IOC has just submitted a Request for Reconsideration of the Board's recent 
decision not to change the AGB?


Mary W S Wong
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Stéphane Van 


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5/11/2012 5:10 AM


Re: [council] Prague - please read!

I would like to discuss with the Board how ICANN's communication could be 
improved in the light of Fridays, URS and the TAS Glitch.

For GAC I would like to discuss in what areas the GAC might wish to co-operate 
with the GNSO so we can prepare / plan resources.
Also I would like to discuss with the GAC at a high level (if possible) how the 
Council and the GAC can help manage expectations of both the public bodies 
(especially LEA) and industry when it comes to fighting abuse.

With the ccNSO I guess it would make sense to pick up the discussion what 
effects the huge number of registries might have on our work and structure now 
that we know we should expect something in the range of 2k new TLDs.

In response to your question no. 2, there should be some time reserved for 
internal discussion in preparation of above subjects - should the Council 
decide to pick up these ideas.


Am 11.05.2012 um 10:05 schrieb Stéphane Van Gelder:


I would like to strongly request your help in coming up with two things in 
preparation for our Prague week:

1. Topics for our interactions with the Board/GAC and ccNSO and
2. Ideas for sessions for our work weekend.

As added context, I should say that the Council leadership is under greater 
pressure than usual to provide this earlier than usual (Staff have been put 
under pressure due to the delay in publishing the CR agenda that people 
complained about there).

I should also add that I have asked Jeff, who has kindly volunteered (or was 
kindly volunteered by me, whichever way you want to see it ;) ) to look after 
our Prague agenda, to ensure that we cut down on pure working lunch sessions. I 
find these sessions are an organizational nightmare as people need time to have 
their lunch, which cost down on the time afforded to the topic we are scheduled 
to work on.

So in short, please make a greater effort than usual to provide ideas for 1 and 
2 above. These sessions, both our interactions with other groups and our own 
working sessions, should be the result of Council-wide deliberations so that 
they are truly effective and have greater meaning for the Council as a whole.

Thanks for your help in this endeavor.

Stéphane Van Gelder
Directeur Général / General manager
INDOM Group NBT France
Head of Domain Operations
Group NBT

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