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[council] Internationalised Registration Data Working Group

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  • Subject: [council] Internationalised Registration Data Working Group
  • From: Stéphane Van Gelder <Stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 21:24:42 +0200
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As you know, time did not permit us to get to item 8 on our agenda today.

I have reproduced the agenda item text below, to provide the necessary context.

Item 8: Update on the Internationalised Registration Data WG (10 minutes)

The IRD submitted its final report to the GNSO Council and SSAC on March 3, 
2012 for review and approval.
However, SSAC has recommend some substantial changes and more work may now be 
needed by the IRD before its final report can be considered.
This agenda item is to provide an update on these latest developments in the 
IRD WG's work to the Council.
8.1 WG update from Staff (Steve Cheng)
8.2 Discussion

You will also recall that Steve Cheng put in question for Council in the Adobe 
room chat when it became obvious that we would run out of time before getting 
to item 8.
I have reproduced the question below so that everyone remembers what it was:

We have one question regarding the IRD-WG report: The IRD-WG has sent their 
final report to the GNSO and SSAC on March 6. We have not heard any objections 
from the GNSO regarding the report. Today, the IRD-WG will send a revised Final 
Report (incorporating SSAC's suggestions) to the Council. The question from 
staff is an additional two weeks enough for GNSO review?

I would say that the answer is yes, two weeks is enough.

If anyone disagrees, please make your objection known by Monday COB. Steve, if 
no-one disagrees, please consider that the 2 weeks is enough. Also, I have 
carried the agenda item forwards to the agenda for the Council's next meeting. 
If you feel that is no longer necessary Steve, please let me know.


Stéphane Van Gelder
Directeur Général / General manager
INDOM Group NBT France
Head of Domain Operations
Group NBT

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