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RE: [council] Meeting with the Board - Qualities of a new CEO

I like Tim’s questions and believe that we should pose them.

I agree that operational expertise should be a secondary consideration.

I believe that leadership, government relations, private sector, financial, and 
international experience are important.

Given the challenges that ICANN will face in the next CEO’s term, I think 
charisma should be the least important consideration - to the extent it is 
considered at all.

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The comments offered so far are excellent and I agree with them for the most 
part. But there does seem to be a dichotomy of qualities/qualifications that 
are deemed necessary. An individual experienced in Government Relations, 
International affairs, muti-stakeholder processes, track record of high level 
leadership, etc. and with a level of charisma may not track well with the 
operational experience and qualities that also have been mentioned. My opinion 
is that the Board is better served by looking at the former, leaving 
operational expertise to another role.

I also have two questions:

1. Will be a mechanism for the community to submit candidates that they believe 
should be considered.

2. There have been rumors that many of the Board will not consider another USA 
based candidate. I would like to confirm that that is not an official, or 
unofficial, criteria.


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Subject: [council] Meeting with the Board - Qualities of a new CEO
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Hiring a new CEO

What qualities do you think we ought to be seeking in a new CEO? Perhaps 
thinking about:
•         The nature of ICANN & the role it plays.  Balancing technology 
sector, innovation, operational stability, financial management, being run in 
the public trust
•         Qualities of the previous incumbents and what you did or did not 
think were effective (for ICANN) about them?
•         The new/current world order (AOC, new gTLD programme, global economic 
environment, emergence of new technologies, enhanced interest of governments)
•         Desirable skills & experience – charisma, leadership, government 
relations, private sector, financial, operational, international experience
What are your criteria for openness, transparency etc. in the hiring process?
(bearing in mind considerations of responsibility to candidates and community, 
privacy, Board confidence)
•         Do we expect to see (and influence by e.g. public comment) the 
specification and key selection criteria?
•         Do we expect see and give feedback on the above or anything before 
the hiring process commences?
•         Do we expect to have any interaction during the course of the hiring 
process?  Updates, information, influence?  If so, how?
•         Do we expect to influence or comment on the final outcome?
Anything else?
•         Any other comments or issues on the hiring of a new CEO?
•         Performance criteria and measures of a successful appointment?
•         Term & termination provisions?

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