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[council] Re: eco reception

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  • From: Stéphane Van Gelder <Stephane.vangelder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 11:54:21 +0200
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Councillors, FYI.

Thanks to Wolf for thinking of this. I had forgotten Thomas was not on the 
Council list yet. About that, Glen, perhaps as a courtesy to the incoming 
Councillors and to help them transition in, we could add them now rather than 
waiting for Wednesday?

Thanks Thomas for your explanations and thanks to Rosemary, Bill and others who 
have commented.

Adrian, I understand your comments and once again, if there is the slightest 
bit of hesitation in how this could be used, I am happy not to do it.

Perhaps we can all discuss on Saturday when we are all here. If we feel my 
presence there might be problematic, I can always let Thomas know there's a 
problem by Sunday. Short notice but better that than creating problems we don't 


Le 20 oct. 2011 à 10:29, <KnobenW@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Stéphane,
> since I wasn't sure Thomas is on the council list already. I've forwarded him 
> your message.
> Please see his answer attached which may be helpful to share with the council.
> More information about eco is available on http://en.eco.de/.
> Kind regards
> Wolf-Ulrich
> Von: Thomas Rickert [mailto:rickert@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011 09:35
> An: Knoben, Wolf-Ulrich
> Betreff: Re: WG: [council] Fwd: eco reception
> Dear Wolf-Ulrich,
> eco is hosting receptions at ICANN meetings for quite a while now. The idea 
> is to provide a form for eco members as well as guests from the ICANN 
> community to meet and discuss. Each time, we invite a speaker to make a brief 
> speech setting the scene for further discussions amongst the participants or 
> just to update them on certain topics. 
> In the past, we had speakers such as David Olive (replacing Rod Beckstrom) or 
> Harald Alvestrand. 
> On this occasion, we have asked Stéphane to give an overview of the current 
> issues being worked on and future challenges of the GNSO as we felt that a 
> lot of attention has been given to the new gTLD program. Yet, there are many 
> and also very important issues that require our attention and community 
> participation. 
> This is not about promoting eco or myself joining the GNSO Council next week. 
> It is rather to raise awareness and stimulate more active participation by 
> the community. 
> Kind regards,
> Thomas
> =============
> thomas-rickert.tel
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> Von: owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Im 
> Auftrag von Stéphane Van Gelder
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011 02:14
> An: Adrian Kinderis
> Cc: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Council
> Betreff: Re: [council] Fwd: eco reception
>> The point, as far as I'm concerned, is doing GNSO outreach.
>> As for the other questions, I'll let Thomas answer if he wants to.
>> If me doing a 10-minute talk on the way the GNSO works is going to give rise 
>> to suspicions, rather than constructive comments on how this can help 
>> improve awareness of what the GNSO Council does, I'm happy not to do it.
>> Are you objecting to me doing it? Do others feel I should not do it? Please 
>> let me know asap. It's because I have been invited in my capacity as Chair 
>> that I wanted to give the Council prior warning in case this posed a problem 
>> to some.
>> Stéphane

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