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RE: [council] Re: A question to the candidate

Mind you JB, agreeing to disagree is not necessarily a bad thing given the 
diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in the Council.

Adrian Kinderis 

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Dakar is fine, as long as we do not settle for a "we'll just agree to
disagree" conclusion.

I will not be on hand, so just imagine I am there to keep poking at this



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 Subject: [council] Re: A question to the candidate
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 Thanks John. I am unsure whether you expect an answer by email or would
prefer that we "stockpile" this question for the "Q&A with candidate"
session that we have planned in Dakar?
 I would think that the second option is better, as it means everyone
can join the discussion as and when they wish.
 Also, as I am leaving for Dakar tomorrow and will probably be out of
email range for a few days, if anyone else has any questions that would
mean I could address them all at the same time, which might work better.
 Would you be OK with this?
 Le 14 oct. 2011 à 17:16, <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
 > I forgot to switch my earlier email to plain text. Sorry all.
 > Berard
 > Stephane,
 > As you think about how you might approach a second term as Chair of
 > Council, I wonder if you could give us your thoughts on this:
 > In the “Discussion Paper on Next Steps to Produce a New Form of the
 > RAA” sent to the Council yesterday by Kurt Pritz, is this:
 > "We also note that disagreements in the GNSO Council regarding the
 > process over the last year have resulted in delays in considering the
 > substantive issues."
 > This is not the first time or the softest way in which we have heard
 > this criticism of delay and disharmony. How would you move to solve
 > Cheers,
 > Berard

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