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Re: [council] A WhoIs motion for our meeting in San Francisco

Thanks for making this motion John, it will be included in our agenda for next 


Le 8 mars 2011 à 02:36, <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a 
écrit :

> As the new guy, I am willing to tilt at windmills and so want to offer this 
> motion for consideration at the next meeting of the GNSO Council
> Cheers,
> John Berard
> Whereas:
> In October 2007, the GNSO Council concluded that a comprehensive and 
> objective understanding of key factual issues regarding the gTLD WHOIS system 
> would benefit future GNSO policy development efforts 
> (http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/).
> Before defining study details, the Council solicited suggestions from the 
> community for specific topics of study on WHOIS. Suggestions were submitted 
> (http://forum.icann.org/lists/WHOIS-comments-2008/) and ICANN staff prepared 
> a 'Report on Public Suggestions on Further Studies of WHOIS', dated 
> 25-Feb-2008 
> (http://gnso.icann.org/issues/Whois-privacy/Whois-study-suggestion-report-25feb08.pdf).
> On 28-Mar-2008 the GNSO Council resolved to form a WHOIS Study Working Group 
> to develop a proposed list, ifany, of recommended studies for which ICANN 
> staff would be asked to providecost estimates to the Council 
> (http://gnso.icann.org/meetings/minutes-gnso-27mar08.shtml).
> The WHOIS Study WG did not reach consensus regarding further studies, and on 
> 25-Jun-2008 the GNSO Council resolved to form a new WHOIS Hypotheses working 
> group to prepare a list of hypotheses from the 'Report on Public Suggestions 
> on Further Studies of WHOIS' and the GAC letter on WHOIS studies 
> (http://www.icann.org/correspondence/karlins-to-thrush-16apr08.pdf). The WG 
> reported to the Council on 26-Aug-2008. 
> (https://st.icann.org/Whois-hypoth-wg/index.cgi?Whois_hypotheses_wg#Whois_study_hypotheses_wg_final_report).
> On 5-Nov-2008, the Council convened a group of Councilors and constituency 
> members to draft a resolution regarding studies, if any, for which cost 
> estimates should be obtained. TheWhois Study Drafting Team further 
> consolidated studies including those from the GAC 
> (http://www.icann.org/correspondence/karlins-to-thrush-16apr08.pdf).  The 
> Team determined that the six studies with the highest average priority scores 
> should be the subject of further research to determine feasibility and obtain 
> cost estimates.
> On 04-Mar-2009, Council requested Staff to conduct research on feasibility 
> and cost estimates for selected Whois studies and report its findings to 
> Council.  (See Motion 3, http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/#200903).
> On 23-Mar-2010, Staff presented a report on the feasibility and cost 
> estimates for the Whois “Misuse” and Whois “Registrant Identification” 
> Studies, finding that each study would cost approximately $150,000 and take 
> approximately one year to complete. 
> (http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois/whois-studies-report-for-gnso-23mar10-en.pdf).
>   The Whois Registrant Identification study would gather info about how 
> business/commercial domain registrants are identified, and correlate such 
> identification with the use of proxy/privacyservices. 
> The ICANN Board approved in Brussels a FY2011 budget that includes at least 
> $400,000 for WHOIS studies (see 
> http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/resolutions-25jun10-en.htm#8).
> On 8-September-2010 the GNSO Council approved a resolution requesting staff 
> to proceed with the Whois “Misuse” Study, which would explore the extent to 
> which publicly displayed WHOIS data is misused, 
> http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/#201009.
> On 5-October-2010, staff provided feasibility and cost analysis for a Whois 
> Privacy and Proxy “Abuse” study, 
> http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois/gnso-whois-pp-abuse-studies-report-05oct10-en.pdf.
>  This study would compare broad sample of domains registered with a proxy 
> orprivacy service provider that are associated with alleged harmful acts 
> withoverall frequency of proxy and privacy registrations.  This study was 
> estimated to cost $150,000 and take less than a year to complete.
> On 11-February-2011, staff provided a feasibility and cost analysis for a 
> Whois Proxy and Privacy “Relay and Reveal” study, 
> http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois/whois-pp-relay-reveal-studies-report-11feb11-en.pdf,
>  which would analyze relay and reveal requests sent for Privacy and 
> Proxy-registered domains to explore and document how they are processed.  The 
> staff analysis concluded that it was premature to conduct a full study, and 
> recommended that a pre-study “survey” be conducted first, to determine if 
> launching a full study is feasible to do.
> Resolved:
> Council requests ICANN staff to proceed with the WHOIS Registrant 
> Identification Study, as described in Staff's 23-Mar-2010 Report, using the 
> vendor selection process described in Annex of that same report. 
> (http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois/whois-studies-report-for-gnso-23mar10-en.pdf).
> Further resolved, that the Council requests ICANN staff to proceed with the 
> Whois Privacy and Proxy “Abuse” study, as described in staff’s 5-October-2010 
> report, using the vendor selection process described in that same report, 
> http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois/gnso-whois-pp-abuse-studies-report-05oct10-en.pdf.
> Further resolved, that the Council requests ICANN staff to proceed with the 
> Whois Privacy and Proxy “Relay and Reveal” pre-study survey, as proposed in 
> staff’s 11-February-2011 report, 
> http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois/whois-pp-relay-reveal-studies-report-11feb11-en.pdf.
> Further resolved, that the Council request that the Board authorize 
> additional funding for FY 2012 forWhois studies, to make up the shortfall of 
> $130,000 between the amount of “at least $400,000” that was allocated for 
> Whois studies in FY 2011 (and remains unspent), and the total amount needed 
> to conduct the Whois Misuse Study ($150,000); the Whois Registrant 
> Identification Study ($150,000); the Proxy/Privacy “Abuse” Study ($150,000); 
> and the Proxy and Privacy “Pre-study” ($80,000), total of $530,000.
> Further resolved, in recognition that there is a substantial amount of 
> coordination needed to direct this research, that staff be given the 
> discretion to manage the studies serially or in parallel, with a goal of 
> expediting completion of the studies as efficiently as possible.

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