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Re: [council] TOPICS - Agenda Board meeting with GNSO Council - Sunday March 13, 4pm 5:30 pm


I think the experience over the past couple years with board, GAC et al 
meetings has been that multi-topic agendas don't work well, so I agree with 
Carlos that it'd be preferable to do one topic if possible.

I agree with Jeff that Brussels raised questions about the handling of possible 
inconsistencies between GNSO positions (and community positions more generally) 
and any Board-GAC compromises.  After the meeting I chatted with a couple 
boardies who were wondering aloud how should they loop back through the 
community to make sure everyone's still on board, do we do a public comment 
period, add time to the public forum, or what…Without wanting to add too much 
complexity to the process or too tightly tie the board's hands, one would think 
it'd be good to at least talk this through with them.  To me this is pressing 
and hefty enough to fill a meeting.

As to the others, while Consumer Choice, Competition and Innovation merits 
focused attention, one would think more prior discussion of this in Council 
would be needed to make it a really productive discussion.  It's sort of 
amorphous now and SGs may have rather different perspectives that need some 
initial converging.  As to CWG, I've yet to hear a compelling argument that 
there's really a big problem regarding Board perceptions of their outputs, and 
in any event the Council's little group on this is just starting up, got a 
listserv a couple days ago.  So that too one would think could bake a little 
more before we take it to them.



On Mar 4, 2011, at 1:14 AM, Olga Cavalli wrote:

> Dear Council Members,
> This is the list of topics proposed for the Board/GNSO meeting:
> - Consumer Choice, Competition and Innovation: context of the Board resolution
> - CWGs and how the Board views them
> - New TLDs. Role of the GNSO community in addressing items that come out of 
> the GAC/BD discussions on new gTLDs
> Please let me know if I have forgotten something or if I have captured well 
> your ideas.
> Best regards
> Olga

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