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[council] RE: ICANN Revises 2011 Meeting Sponsorship Program

Tahnsk Glen.

I can't help feel partly responsible for this.

I have received both criticism for pushing my own barrow and support for 
pushing back on what seemed an unfair decision.

I make no apologies. 

ICANN meetings are important for all of us. They cannot happen without the 
support of sponsors otherwise items like travel support etc would be 
nonexistent. I belvie it was in all our best interests to have this addressed.

I am very happy that ICANN has reviewed their decision and thank staff for 
addressing this.


Look forward to seeing you al in SF.

Adrian Kinderis

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ICANN Revises 2011 Meeting Sponsorship Program

24 February 2011

Earlier this year, ICANN announced a new sponsorship program that introduced 
higher levels of support, as well as price increases for lower level 
sponsorship packages.

Some of our supporters have found it difficult to purchase the sponsorship 
package that provides their preferred benefits at the new cost.

We have listened to concerns expressed by our community and today are 
announcing a revised sponsorship program that reduces the cost for many of our 
lower level sponsorship packages while retaining some of the higher level 
opportunities.  We have also created a 33% discount rate for non-profit 

Details of the new sponsorship program can be found at: 

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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