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Re: [council] AOB Requests for 24 February Meeting

Hi Kristina,

Let's see if we can't get answers from Staff on the points you raise first. 
Failing that, we can discuss on Thursday if there's time.

I hope that's OK.



Le 22 févr. 2011 à 20:41, Rosette, Kristina a écrit :

> Greetings,
> I have two AOB requests/questions for staff for our 24 February Council 
> meeting.
> 1.  Schedule for San Francisco Meeting:  What is the difference (other than 
> the day) between the two "New gTLD Program: Discussion of Issues Identified 
> by [GAC]" sessions that are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday?  Also, why is 
> the Public Forum scheduled for only 2 hours (down from 5 in Cartagena) given 
> that the room appears to be open long enough for a 4-hour public forum?
> 2.   Study on defense registrations/registrant behavior:  Today's 
> announcement "New gTLD Program: Public Comment Summary & Analyses and 
> Supporting Documents refers to a to-be-released "study of defensive 
> registrations and registrant behavior in order to better understand the 
> prevalence of defensive registrations in new gTLDs."  If that document has 
> not been released by the time of our meeting, a brief summary from staff 
> would be greatly appreciated.  (In the alternative, I will be more than happy 
> to forward to the appropriate staff person the tens of emails I've received 
> asking me about it.)
> Many thanks.
> K

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