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Re: [council] Proposed motions concerning approval of the updated GNSO Council Procedures

Correction PPSC and not OSC.

I have corrected it on the Wiki.


On 20 Oct 2009, at 17:38, Avri Doria wrote:


I am proposing the following. They will require someone in the new council to make the motion and to second them. the amendment is the amendment that was discussed before the review period and which is listed in the document itself.

28 Oct Motions

Possible motions for 28 October

Motion to ammend update GNSO Council Operating Procedure

Motion by:

Seconded by:

Whereas the original language recommend by the GNSO Operations Work Team stated on page 5 of the Operating Procedure that

> To pass, a motion must attain a majority of the votes cast in each house unless otherwise specified in these procedures or in the ICANN Bylaws. Abstentions count as votes cast and shall include a reason for the abstention. This has the effect of making an abstention count the same as a vote against except as described in ICANN Bylaws, ANNEX A, GNSO Policy-Development Process, Section 3, Initiation of PDP.


The language will be replaced with the following:

> Unless otherwise specified in these procedures or in the ICANN Bylaws, to pass a motion or other action, greater than 50% of the eligible voters in each House must cast affirmative votes. For all votes taken, the number of eligible voters in each House shall be fixed to the number of seats allocated in the Bylaws (a.k.a. the denominator) and is not affected by the number of members present or absent at the meeting in which the motion or other action is initiated. Council members are permitted to abstain in any vote, but must provide a reason which shall be recorded in the minutes along with the abstention.


Motion to accept updated GNSO council Procedures


The OSC, and its Operations Work Team, produced an updated version of the GNSO Council Operating Procedure that were in line the the Board update of the ByLaws related to the structure of the GNSO,

and, the update was submitted to a period pf Public Comment extending from 25 September 2009 until 16 October 2009,

and, the comments have been analysed and discussed by the GNSO council


The GNSO Council Operating Procedures defined in http://gnso.icann.org/drafts/draft-gnso-operating-procedures-24sep09-en.pdf and as amended (if amended in previous motions), are accepted. These updated Council Procedures will be in force once approved and will be forwarded to the ICANN Board of Directors for review.


these have been included on 

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