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Re: AW: [council] Reminder - House Candidates for the Chair election n 28 October.


You are correct that 27 Oct was the agreed condition for each house to elect a vice-chair in the transton plan

My reminder was for the choice by each of the Houses, or rather the constituencies that make up those houses of a candidate to stand for election as Chair of the Council - an election that will be held on the 28th. This activity was scheduled for 21 Oct. and has been ongoing, as far as I can tell, between representatives of the constituencies.


On 20 Oct 2009, at 15:29, <KnobenW@xxxxxxxxxx> <KnobenW@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


According to the council meeting on Sep 24 the plan is as follows:

Each House will elect a vice chair for the new bicameral Council:
Nominations must be completed not later than 23 October 2009.
Elections must be completed not later than Tuesday, 27 October 2009.
Election requires a simple majority vote.

The plan (part 2) which you submit now calls for earlier dates.
This may not fit to the houses' schedules who don't have a chance to convene and vote before Seoul.

Further question: which council is going to elect the chair on Oct 28, the old or the new one?

Maybe I missed something but I need clarification on this.

Best regards
Wolf-Ulrich Knoben

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Betreff: [council] Reminder - House Candidates for the Chair election n 28 October.


Just wanted to remind the members of the incoming houses that the
deadline for the announcement of your single house candidate for chair
is tomorrow.

Part 2  _Each House determines a  Candidate_

After council wide nominations are closed, each house will be allowed
to select  one candidate for GNSO Council Chair from the pool of

A candidate for GNSO Council Chair does not need to be a member of the
house selecting the candidate.  Should the non voting NCA be elected
as chair he/she would be a non-voting chair.

Each house must announce their chosen candidate by 21 October 2009 at
23 UTC.

The two houses may, separately, select the same candidate from the
nominee pool if they so wish.

The candidates from each of the houses shall have the opportunity of
meeting with Council Members at the GNSO Working Group sessions in
Seoul on Saturday morning, 24 October 2009.


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