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Re: [council] Board Update for 8 Oct. Council meeting

Dear Denise,

Thank you for your note.

One thing I noticed as missing was any mention of the letter from the Board to the GNSO.

Can you give us an update? One of the items for today, in fact the main item for today, was a discussion of the paper we thought on its way and thought we would have time to at least read before the meeting. Since you can only be there for the first 30 minutes, will someone on your staff be able to go through Kristina's questions, which at this point seem to take on a greater urgency.

As a reminder:

1. If the Board has sent the GNSO Council a letter that provides any further information, detail, instruction, or the like on this consultation, would someone please post that letter to this list?

2. If the Board has not yet sent such letter, does it still intend to do so?

3. If the Board does not intend to send such a letter, will it provide guidance/clarification to the GNSO as to:

i) How will consensus be measured? A Council vote? Number of public comments? Number of signatories to public comments? Other (and, if so, what)?

      ii)  What constitutes "consensus"?  Unanimity?  If not, what?

iii) What is the default? In other words, what action will the Board take if the GNSO is unable to reach consensus?

4. If the Board will not/does not intend to provide guidance/ clarifications on the points noted in 3(i)-(iii), who makes those decisions?

It would be most helpful if answers to these questions/responses to these requests could be provided before or during our 8 October Council meeting.

Thank you.


On 8 Oct 2009, at 07:23, Denise Michel wrote:

Dear Council Members,

My flight schedule has unexpectedly changed and I will only be able to
join tomorrow's Council call for the first 30 minutes.  To ensure that
you receive my "Board Upate," I have included a summary below.


The Board met on 30 Sept. and addressed the agenda items listed below.
The resolutions and minutes from this meeting are not yet posted, but
highlights of the Board's actions include:

- As previously noted, Rosemary Sinclair, Raffik Dammak, and Debra
Hughes were appointed as NCSG Council members;
- Bylaw-prescribed structural review periods were changed from three
to five years;
- George Sadowsky was appointed to the Board's Nominating Committee
Review Working;
- Posting for public comment was approved for reports from the Board
Review Working Group, the Nominating Committee Review Working Group
and SSAC Review Working;
- A recommendation for further analysis of Board remuneration was approved;
- A lease for a Palo Alto, California ICANN office was approved;
- Updates on the following issues were received:  status of .YU
(Yugoslavia) domain, the JPA Progress Report, Strategic Planning,
IDNs, New gTLDs, GNSO Improvements/Restructuring, and New Constituency

The Board meets next on 30 October in Seoul.  An agenda has not yet
been finalized.


Denise Michel
ICANN Vice President
Policy Development

Board Meeting - Agenda

30 September 2009


   Consent Agenda
      1. Approval of Minutes from 27 August 2009 Special Board Meeting
2. Approval of Minutes from 12 September 2009 Special Board Meeting
      3. From the Board Finance Committee
            1. Approval of Technology Support Contractor Agreement
      4. From the Structural Improvements Committee
            1. Appointment of three NCSG GNSO Council
            2. Approval of Change in Bylaws For Reviews from Three
Years to Five
            3. Appointment of George Sadowsky to Nominating
Committee Review Working
            4. Approval of Posting for Public Comment reports
received from the Board Review Working Group, the Nominating Committee
Review Working Group and SSAC Review Working
            5. Approval of Recommendation of Board Review Working
Group for the Board Governance Committee to undertake Further Analysis
of Board Remuneration Main Board Meeting

   Main Board Meeting – For Action and Discussion
      1. From the Board Finance Committee
         Approval of Lease for Palo Alto Office
      2. Status Update on .YU (Yugoslavia) domain
      3. JPA Progress Report
      4. Strategic Planning – Follow on from Discussions at Retreat
      5. Updates Heading into the Seoul Meeting
            1. IDNs & New gTLDs – including Guidebook
            2. GNSO Improvements & Restructuring
                  1. General - board submission paper
                  2. Status on Charters of New Constituencies
            3. Implementation Recommendations Team for New gTLDs
      6. Thanks to the CEO Search Committee Other Business
      7. Executive Session
            1. From Board Governance Committee
                  1. Slate for New Board Positions
            2. From Board Compensation Committee
                  1. President & CEO Performance Matrix
                  2. Former President & CEO Performance Matrix
3. Ombudsman Performance Matrix, Compensation & Contract
            3. Senior President – Management of Performance Matrix

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