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Re: [council] Proposed GNSO Council Agenda 13 August 2009


Let's assume we have consensus on instituting a rule of requiring those doing a status report to submit it in advance. How long before the meeting should they be required to do so? And does the same rule apply to Council members making report as liaisons and Staff members making reports? Also what do we do if someone does not submit a report - allow them to give it orally or just skip the report?

As I said I favor getting the written reports as well (though some of the responses made it appear as if I was not clear about that). I just don't believe that shortening meetings wiil be the result. but time will tell.

BTW, Not sure what the following meant.

On 10 Aug 2009, at 09:32, Philip Sheppard wrote:

In which case lets take status reform first.

Is this an additional agenda item (an agenda item about how we do status) or a request to switch something around in the agenda - i.e. status of the GNSO reform.


On 10 Aug 2009, at 09:49, Rosette, Kristina wrote:

Agree 100% with Stéphane, Philip and Chuck.


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