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Re: [council] Registry Operators et al

On 16 Jul 2009, at 11:48, Tim Ruiz wrote:

well defined and well established criteria

Do you feel that exists? I don't think it really does
right now.

No. I don't think it does yet. There is a bit of process that the Policy Staff whipped up but no real criteria under which the Board can consider the applications - all very ad-hoc at the moment.

Possibly the SIC, when it gets breathing room, should
make sure that this well formed process exists and is
well documented.


And this seems to be an area, where they, the SIC, don't have to work in the blind. Once the committees and their Work Teams have finished the immediate tasks for 'improvement', it might be a good area for them to work up a recommendation on. Obviously it would not be binding on the SIC, but will give them an idea of what the GNSO thinks is important.


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