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Re: [council] Nominations for IRT Participants

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for this information, which I've just passed on to NCUC. However, I would strongly suggest that we extend the deadline to Monday or Tuesday. Notification at 11pm on the 11th of a 13th noon deadline is a very unworkable turnaround time if we are serious about getting strong applicants and engagement from all constituencies, as the board intends. Some people might not be reading mail today or be able to determine so quickly whether the workload fits with their schedule etc.



On Mar 11, 2009, at 11:00 PM, Rosette, Kristina wrote:


Because we've received a number of inquiries about nominations for IRT participants, we thought it would be helpful to provide the information below.

Nominations for IRT participants should be sent to Steve Metalitz (IPC President), Ute, Cyril or me. Steve's email address is not on the Council page or the IPC home page so please contact me off-list if you would like it.

The nominations must include:

1. The full name and contact information of the nominee (including the name of her/his employer and title); 2. The ICANN Geographic Region(s) in which the nominee is a citizen and is a resident; 3. Identification of the nominee's knowledge, experience, and expertise in the fields of trademark, consumer protection, or competition law, and the interplay of trademarks and the domain name system;

4. Identification of any financial ownership or senior management/ leadership interest of the nominee in registries, registrars or other entities that are stakeholders or interested parties in ICANN or any entity with which ICANN has a transaction, contract, or other arrangement;

5. State if the nominee would be representing any other party or person through her/his IRT participation and, if so, identify that party or person; and

6. State if the nominee submitted public comments on the first draft of the DAG that provided proposed solutions to the trademark issues and, if so, attach a copy of those comments.

We must receive all nominations not later than Friday, 13 March, at noon EDT. Because of the deadlines set forth by the Board in the resolution, it will be exceedingly difficult to consider any nominations submitted after that point. Also, based on very preliminary time lines, IRT participants should expect to spend at least 15 full business days (excluding travel time) in the next two months on the team's work.


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