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RE: [council] Revised RAA amendment/motion

Thanks for the work on this.  I will forward it to the RyC list for
discussion at our meeting tomorrow so that we can be ready to vote on


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> Subject: [council] Revised RAA amendment/motion
> This is the revised amendment/motion drafted by a drafting 
> team comprised of representatives from the NCUC, IPC, and 
> RrC. We tried to address most of the concerns that have been 
> raised. Let us know your thoughts.
> Whereas, the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) has not 
> been amended since May 2001, and ICANN has undertaken a 
> lengthy consultative process related to amending the RAA, 
> including several public comment periods and consultations;
> Whereas, the proposed changes to the RAA include important 
> compliance and enforcement tools for ICANN; The Council 
> wishes to approve the set of proposed amendments as quickly 
> as possible so that the ICANN Board may review them, and if 
> approved then implement them as quickly as possible; and
> Whereas, 
> The Council would like to proceed on the drafting of a 
> charter identifying registrant rights that registrars would 
> be obliged to link to, as contemplated in the set of amendments;
> The Council would like a specific process and timeline to 
> move forward with additional potential amendments to the RAA; and
> The Registrar Constituency is supportive of these efforts and 
> is willing to participate on a good faith basis on 
> anticipated next steps.
> Resolved: 
> The GNSO Council supports the RAA amendments as documented in 
> http://gnso.icann.org/drafts/current-list-proposed-raa-amendme
> nts-16dec08.pdf
> and recommends to the Board that they be adopted at its 
> meeting of March 6, 2009;
> Within 30 days of Board approval of the set of amendments, 
> representatives from the GNSO community and the ALAC shall be 
> identified to participate in drafting a registrant rights 
> charter, as contemplated by the amendments and the current 
> GNSO Council discussions, with support from ICANN staff. A 
> draft charter shall be completed no later then July 31; and 
> Within 30 days of Board approval of the set of amendments, 
> the GNSO Council will form a Drafting Team to discuss the 
> amendments further and identify those that the community 
> believes could be further revised through PDP processes or 
> through additional changes to the RAA that may not fall 
> within scope of a formal PDP process. The Drafting Team 
> should endeavor to provide its advice to the Council and 
> ICANN staff no later then July 31, 2009. 
> Tim 

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