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[council] Board Resolution Regarding GNSO Improvements

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  • Subject: [council] Board Resolution Regarding GNSO Improvements
  • From: Robert Hoggarth <robert.hoggarth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 06:16:56 -0700
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For everyone who couldn't make it to Paris this week and those who did but had 
to leave before the Board meeting ended yesterday evening, set forth below (and 
attached in Word format) is a copy of the text of the Board Resolution 
regarding the Board Governance Committee's (BGC) recommendations on GNSO 
Improvements. The resolution requires some immediate and intense short-term 
efforts and opens the door for the marathon effort that will be necessary over 
the next many months to implement the BGC recommendations.

GNSO Council Structure:

In short, the Board approved all the BGC recommendations for GNSO Improvements 
except for those on GNSO Council restructuring. In order to resolve that final 
issue the Board requested that the GNSO convene a small working group on 
Council restructuring including:

*     One representative from the current NomCom appointees,
*     One member from each constituency; and
*     One member from each liaison-appointing advisory committee (if that 
advisory committee so desires)

The Board said the group should reach consensus and submit a consensus 
recommendation on GNSO Council restructuring back to the Board by no later than 
Friday, 25 July 2008. The Board then expects to consider the working group 
recommendation as soon as possible, but no later than it's meeting in August. 
That meeting is currently scheduled for 28 August 2008.

The short timetable necessitates immediate action. Volunteers for the working 
group have already come forward from the Commercial and Business Users 
Constituency (Philip Sheppard) and the group of council members selected by the 
Nominating Committee (Avri Doria). As the GNSO Secretariat, Glen de Saint Gery 
has already reached out to the GNSO Council to ask that representatives from 
the other groups declare their interest by Monday, 30 June and has scheduled 
the first conference call of the working group for Wednesday, 2 July at 1500 

It has already been suggested that the working group hold at least one 
conference call a week and that an in-person meeting of the group take place in 
mid-July in either Western Europe or on the U.S. East Coast. On their first 
call, the timing, frequency, and location of all calls/meetings can be 
determined by the working group members.

GNSO Improvements Implementation:

In approving all the other BGC recommendations, the Board also has the 
expectation that implementation of the GNSO Improvements will now begin. As 
many of you may know, during its 25 June meeting the GNSO Council did not vote 
as scheduled on the GNSO Improvements -Top Level Plan prepared by the GNSO 
Improvements Planning Team, but instructed the staff to open a 21-day public 
forum for comments on that plan. The forum was announced that day and comments 
on the plan can currently be posted though 17 July 2008. See 

Because of the timing of the comment period and the proposed dates for the next 
two GNSO Council meetings, no Council-approved implementation structure will 
likely be in place before early August. During that time the staff will be 
doing all the preliminary work that it can to help the ultimate work teams 
(however they are structured) begin their work quickly and efficiently.  As the 
policy staff member with primary responsibility for coordinating the 
improvements implementation effort, I expect to reach out to many of you 
individually and collectively for your perspective, insights, ideas and 
volunteer time on various work teams so that we can meet the implementation 
challenge in an organized and productive fashion.  Please expect additional 
communications from me on that preliminary work in the near future.

Best regards,

Rob Hoggarth

Robert L. Hoggarth, Esq.
Senior Policy Director

424 558 4805

Copy of text of the 26 June 2008 ICANN Board Resolution on GNSO Improvements:

Approval of BGC Recommendations on GNSO Improvements

Whereas, Article IV, Section 4 of ICANN's Bylaws calls for periodic reviews of 
the performance and operation of ICANN's structures by an entity or entities 
independent of the organization under review.

Whereas, the Board created the "Board Governance Committee GNSO Review Working 
Group" (Working Group) to consider the independent review of the GNSO and other 
relevant input, and recommend to the Board Governance Committee a comprehensive 
proposal to improve the effectiveness of the GNSO, including its policy 
activities, structure, operations and communications.

Whereas, the Working Group engaged in extensive public consultation and 
discussions, considered all input, and developed a final report 
 > containing a comprehensive and exhaustive list of proposed recommendations 
on GNSO improvements.

Whereas, the Board Governance Committee determined that the GNSO Improvements 
working group had fulfilled its charter and forwarded the final report to the 
Board for consideration.

Whereas, a public comment forum was held open for 60 days to receive, consider 
and summarize 
<http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-improvements-report-2008/msg00033.html> > 
public comments on the final report.

Whereas, the GNSO Council and Staff have worked diligently over the past few 
months to develop a top-level plan for approaching the implementation of the 
improvement recommendations, as requested by the Board at its New Delhi meeting.

Whereas, ICANN has a continuing need for a strong structure for developing 
policies that reflect to the extent possible a consensus of all stakeholders in 
the community including ICANN's contracted parties.

Resolved (2008.06.26.__), the Board endorses the recommendations of the Board 
Governance Committee's GNSO Review Working Group, other than on GNSO Council 
restructuring, and requests that the GNSO convene a small working group on 
Council restructuring including one representative from the current NomCom 
appointees, one member from each constituency and one member from each 
liaison-appointing advisory committee (if that advisory committee so desires), 
and that this group should reach consensus and submit a consensus 
recommendation on Council restructuring by no later than 25 July 2008 for 
consideration by the ICANN Board as soon as possible, but no later than the 
Board's meeting in August 2008.

Attachment: Copy of Text of ICANN Board Resolution on GNSO Improvements 2008-06-26.doc
Description: Copy of Text of ICANN Board Resolution on GNSO Improvements 2008-06-26.doc

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