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[council] AOB - WPDRS Status

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  • Subject: [council] AOB - WPDRS Status
  • From: Patrick Jones <patrick.jones@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 09:03:17 -0700
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Per Kieren McCarthy, I am forwarding this to the Council list.


------ Forwarded Message
From: Kieren McCarthy <kieren.mccarthy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 08:52:17 -0700
To: Patrick Jones <patrick.jones@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [council] AOB - WPDRS Status

Patrick - can you point out that Stacy Burnette, Director of Contractual 
Compliance, has replied to a question raised on the public participation site.


She says: "Thanks for posting this comment regarding ICANN's WDPRS. We were not 
aware that follow-up notices were not being transmitted to reporters. I have 
asked the site administrator to address this problem right away.

As you know, the follow-up information ICANN receives from reporters is 
extremely important in determining whether registrars are taking corrective 
action regarding Whois data inaccuracy reports.

Again, thanks for your comment and you may contact me directly at 
stacy.burnette@icann if you have any other concerns regarding the WDPRS."

The site admin (Kent) is looking at the issue.

ICANN would welcome the names of people who have had any problems so we can 
contact them directly and find out what the issue was and if there are still 
ongoing problems.


Kieren McCarthy
General manager of public participation, ICANN
http://www.icann.org <http://www.icann.org/><http://www.icann.org/>

Cell: +1 310 806 1451

Mobile: +44 (0)7932 783686

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From: "Rosette, Kristina" <krosette@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:36:09 -0700
To: <council@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [council] AOB - WPDRS Status


With apologies for the short notice, I plan to request in AOB that the
Council receive from staff a brief report on the status of WPDRS.  I've
seen several messages in the past day or so regarding reported problems
with WPDRS.  Given the importance of the WPDRS to Internet users, it
would be helpful to have more information (e.g., whether there is a
problem, what the problem is, how long it has existed, when it will be


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From: owner-ntfy-gnso-council@xxxxxxxxx
 On Behalf Of
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 7:17 AM
To: ntfy-gnso-council@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ntfy-gnso-council] Reminder: GNSO Council meeting Thursday 27
March at 15:00 UTC

Dear Councillors,

Please find the GNSO Council agenda with meeting notes and motions on
the GNSO Council Wiki:

GNSO Council Workspace

Here is a copy for your convenience:
GNSO Council Workspace

Proposed GNSO Council Agenda 27 March 2008 This agenda was established
according to the Rules of Procedure for the GNSO Council

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 19:00 - see below for local times (12:00
Los Angeles, 15:00 Washington DC, 19:00 London, 20:00 Brussels, 06:00
Melbourne, next day)

Avri Doria will be chairing the GNSO Council meeting Scheduled time for
meeting 120 minutes.
Dial-in numbers sent individually to Council members.

Item 0: Roll call of Council members (5 mins) Item 1: Update any
statements of interest (5 mins) Item 2: Review/amend agenda (5 mins)
Item 3: Approve GNSO minutes of 31 January 2008 (5 mins)

Item 4: Confirm Election Results for ICANN Board seat 14 (5 mins) Please
check your vote against your code

Item 5: Update from Denise Michel on Board activities (15 mins)
5.1 Discuss feedback from Board on new gTLD process Is there to be a
Face to Face meeting? What are the details? Are they acceptable to the

Item 6: IDNC update - Edmon Chung (10 mins)

Item 7: GNSO - ccNSO relations (10 mins) Discuss plans for meeting with
them in Paris.
Meeting Thursday Afternoon?
Council - Council or SO - SO?

Item 8: GNSO Improvements - Discuss planning group (20 mins)

discuss criteria for adding members to the planning group
2-3 constituency members (possibly from council) who have organizational
capability and represent diverse views
1 from each constituency that wishes to add someone + interested nomcom
appointees some other formula

appoint members to initial planning group Names that have been put
forward (in order received) Ken Stubbs (RyC) Olga Cavalli (NA) Philip
Sheppard (BC) Milton Mueller (NCUC) Ute Decker (IPC) Wolf Ulrich (ISPC)

Item 9: Discuss Whois report - Start discussions on what to ask for a
bid on. (20 mins)

Motion: Chuck Gomes

On 31 October 2007 the Council passed a motion to ". . . initiate the
following sequential actions: 1) Council shall provide additional
definition regarding the potential data gathering and study requirements
2) staff shall provide the Council with rough cost estimates for various
components of data gathering and studies no later than February 15th,
2008; 3) the Council will decide what data gathering and studies would
be pursued; and 4) staff will perform the resulting data gathering and
studies and report the results back to the Council" (resolution
20071031-3) On 6 December 2007 the Council initiated formation of a
group of volunteers to develop a proposed "format to solicit what
studies should be undertaken"
On 20 December 2007 the Council reviewed and discussed the WHOIS
template developed by the group and approved it with one additional
column under potential sources of data, asking proposers to comment on
the challenges of sourcing that data  From 8 January through 15 February
2008 a public comment period was held soliciting suggestions from the
community for specific topics of study on WHOIS that community
stakeholders recommend be conducted A report titled 'Report on Public
Suggestions on Further Studies of WHOIS' and dated 25 February 2008
summarized the study suggestions and comments received during the public
comment period
Resolve to form a group of volunteers to:
1. Review and discuss the 'Report on Public Suggestions on Further
Studies of WHOIS'
2. Develop a proposed list of recommended studies for which ICANN staff
will be asked to provide cost estimates to the Council 3. Deliver the
list of recommendations with supporting rationale not later than 24
April 2008.

Item 10: Report on Single-Character Domain Names at the second -level
(20 mins)

Overview by Patrick
Determine next steps
ICANN synthesis on Single-Character Domain Names at the Second-Level

Item 11: Vote on Electronic Voting (15 mins) Absentee voting bylaw

Motion by: Philip Sheppard
Seconded: Cyril Chua, Bilal Beiram

Council members are from time to time disenfranchised from voting by the
current ICANN by-laws, Council requests the Board to adopt the following
change to the bylaws drafted by the ICANN general council's office to
permit absentee voting in certain specific circumstances.

Add to:ICANN Bylaws ARTICLE X: Section 3. 8

c. Absentee voting. Members that are absent from a meeting at the time
of a vote on whether to initiate a PDP, forward a policy recommendation
to the Board, or fill a position open for election may vote by absentee
ballot. The GNSO Secretariat will provide reasonable means for
transmitting and authenticating absentee ballots, which could include
voting by telephone, e-mail, or web-based interface. Absentee ballots
must be submitted within 72 hours after the start of the meeting in
which a vote is initiated, except that in exceptional circumstances
announced at the time of the vote the Chair may reduce this time to 24
hours or extend the time to 7 days.


Item 12: Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (10 Min) IRT-Denial Reasons PDP
Update - Status of Constituency reports (Olof)

IRT-grouping of other issues - Overview of report (Chuck)

Item 13: AOB (5 mins)
Item 14: Action Item Review (5 mins)


The GNSO Council will meet on Thursday 27 March 2008, at 15:00 UTC.
Please note the change in time to 15:00 UTC (See below for full list of

The proposed agenda for the teleconference can be directly viewed at:

Please let me have your telephone numbers if you would like the operator
to call you.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you.
Kind regards,


For security reasons, the passcode and the leader's name will be
required to join your call.


ARGENTINA 0800-777-0494
ADELAIDE: 61-8-8121-4862 1-800-880-485
BRISBANE: 61-7-3102-0964 1-800-880-485
CANBERRA: 61-2-6100-1964 1-800-880-485
MELBOURNE: 61-3-9010-7733 1-800-880-485
PERTH: 61-8-9467-5243 1-800-880-485
SYDNEY: 61-2-8211-1386 1-800-880-485
AUSTRIA 43-1-92-89-654 0800-999-636
BELGIUM 32-2-402-2432 0800-4-8360
BRAZIL 0800-8912038
CHILE 1230-020-0281
CHINA* 10800-712-1193
                                         10800-120-1193 COLOMBIA
01800-9-156463 CZECH REPUBLIC 420-2-25-98-56-15 800-700-167 DENMARK
45-7014-0238 8088-6075 FINLAND 358-106-33-164 0-800-1-12056 FRANCE LYON
33-4-26-69-12-75 080-511-1431
MARSEILLE: 33-4-86-06-00-75 080-511-1431 PARIS 33-1-70-75-00-04
080-511-1431 GERMANY 49-69-2222-52104 0800-216-1601 GREECE
30-80-1-100-0639 00800-12-5999 HONG KONG 852-2286-5632 800-964-136
HUNGARY 06-800-15227 INDIA 000-800-852-1216 INDONESIA 001-803-011-3500
IRELAND 353-1-246-0036 1800-931-782 ISRAEL 1-80-9303048 ITALY
39-02-3600-0326 800-906-585 JAPAN OSAKA: 81-6-7739-4763 00531-12-1149
TOKYO: 81-3-5539-5154 00531-12-1149
LUXEMBOURG 352-27-000-1314
MALAYSIA 1-800-80-8121
MEXICO 001-866-627-0541
NETHERLANDS 31-20-710-9321 0800-023-4655 NEW ZEALAND 64-9-970-4641
0800-443-793 NORWAY 47-21-59-00-14 800-11982 PANAMA 011-001-800-5072119
POLAND 00-800-1210067 PORTUGAL 8008-12179 RUSSIA 8-10-8002-9613011
SINGAPORE 65-6883-9197 800-120-4057 SLOVAK REPUBLIC 421-2-322-422-15
SOUTH AFRICA 080-09-93390 SOUTH KOREA 82-2-6744-1052 00798-14800-6323
SPAIN 34-91-414-15-44 800-099-279 SWEDEN 46-8-566-10-782 0200-887-612
SWITZERLAND 41-44-580-7718 0800-000-038 TAIWAN 886-2-2795-7346
00801-137-565 THAILAND 001-800-1206-65091 UNITED KINGDOM
BIRMINGHAM: 44-121-210-9015 0800-018-0795 GLASGOW 44-141-202-3215
LEEDS: 44-113-301-2115 0800-018-0795
LONDON: 44-20-7019-0812 0800-018-0795
MANCHESTER: 44-161-601-1415 0800-018-0795 URUGUAY 000-413-598-3439 USA
1-210-795-0472 877-818-6787 VENEZUELA 0800-1-00-3205

*Access to your conference call will be either of the numbers listed,
dependent on the participants' local telecom provider

Restrictions may exist when accessing freephone/toll free numbers using
a mobile telephone.
15:00 UTC
California, USA (PST) UTC-8+1DST 08:00
New York/Washington DC, USA (EST) UTC-5+1DST 11:00 Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil UTC-3+0DST 12:00 Buenos Aires, Argentina UTC-3+0DST 12:00 London,
United Kingdom (BST) UTC+0DST 15:00 Brussels, Belgium (CEST) UTC+1+0DST
16:00 Karlsruhe, Germany (CEST) UTC+1+0DST 16:00 Barcelona, Spain (CEST)
UTC+1+0DST 16:00 Oslo, Norway (CEST) UTC+1+0DST 16:00 Amman, Jordan
UTC+2+1DST 18:00 Dubai, United Arab Emirates UTC+4+0DST 19:00 Phnom
Penh, Cambodia UTC+7+0DST 22:00 Hong Kong, China UTC+8+0DST 23:00
Singapore, Singapore UTC+8+0DST 23:00



For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com

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