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[council] ICANN Board Director seat 14, election results

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  • Subject: [council] ICANN Board Director seat 14, election results
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  • Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 22:26:34 +0100
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[To: council[at]gnso.icann.org]

Dear Council Members,

Here are the results of the election for ICANN Board Director to hold seat 14.

Rita Rodin was the only candidate and received 19 positive votes (14 or more being the required number to win).

19 Votes FOR
1 vote AGAINST

4 ballots were not returned by the close of voting, counting for 6 votes.

Please find the raw results below and please check your vote.
The Council will confirm the election results at the meeting scheduled on 27 March 2008, and thereafter ICANN General Counsel will be informed of the outcome.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Raw Results:

Bfb05cf95aD:20080229181701:[X] For Rita Rodin
B1bbaf8034D:20080301063107:[X] For Rita Rodin
B799fa7aedD:20080301114857:[X] For Rita Rodin
Be329adadbD:20080301224740:[X] For Rita Rodin
B008659272D:20080303002612:[X] For Rita Rodin
B1b2b8436aD:20080303003146:[x] For Rita Rodin
Bedb73c6e2D:20080303073714:[x] For Rita Rodin
B693db9573D:20080303104541:[X] Abstain
B7ba8ce834D:20080304080723:[x] For Rita Rodin
Baf222ce46D:20080304095723:[X] For Rita Rodin
B5030dca26D:20080304111100:[X] For Rita Rodin
B291aaedf7D:20080306151214:[X] For Rita Rodin
B04fab4aa1D:20080306180915:[X] For Rita Rodin
Bb15799844D:20080307004326:[X] For Rita Rodin
B8b886ddd2D:20080307052532:[X] For Rita Rodin
B8b886ddd2D:20080307052755:[X] For Rita Rodin
B2c7c286c2D:20080307055007:[X] For Rita Rodin
B6aa44f6b8D:20080307065756:[X] Against Rita Rodin

B8b886ddd2D was received twice; eliminate first occurence:

Apply weights:

1  Bfb05cf95aD:20080229181701:[X] For Rita Rodin
2  B1bbaf8034D:20080301063107:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  B799fa7aedD:20080301114857:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  Be329adadbD:20080301224740:[X] For Rita Rodin
2  B008659272D:20080303002612:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  B1b2b8436aD:20080303003146:[x] For Rita Rodin
1  Bedb73c6e2D:20080303073714:[x] For Rita Rodin
1  B7ba8ce834D:20080304080723:[x] For Rita Rodin
1  Baf222ce46D:20080304095723:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  B5030dca26D:20080304111100:[X] For Rita Rodin
2  B291aaedf7D:20080306151214:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  B04fab4aa1D:20080306180915:[X] For Rita Rodin
2  Bb15799844D:20080307004326:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  B8b886ddd2D:20080307052755:[X] For Rita Rodin
1  B2c7c286c2D:20080307055007:[X] For Rita Rodin
19  For Rita Rodin

1  B693db9573D:20080303104541:[X] Abstain
1  Abstain

1  B6aa44f6b8D:20080307065756:[X] Against Rita Rodin
1  Against Rita Rodin

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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