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Re: [council] RE: Domain Name Tasting planning group

Mike Rodenbaugh wrote:
Thanks Glen, it looks like 7 Councilors have volunteered for this 'small ad hoc group', including 1 rep from all Constituencies except NCUC, two Nomcomm appointees -- plus Alan Greenberg from ALAC.
Therefore, I suggest we limit the group to that subcommittee of Councilors and 
Advisors, which can direct further research and tap the resources of the others 
who have volunteered to assist (or who have not yet done so)..  We also could 
add one from NCUC if they like.  If any Constituency would like to appoint 
someone other than their Councilor who has volunteered, then they can swap.

If no objections from anyone on Council, then I would like to move forward on 
this basis, and suggest an initial call of this group for Tuesday, July 17th at 
14:15 UTC which is 7:15 on Pacific Coast and 0:15 in Melbourne, as I would 
definitely like to accommodate Adrian as the registrars' rep.

I object to this arrangement. Clearly there is a lot of interest in this group, and it is in our best interests (as representatives) to spread some of this work around to interested members of our respective constituencies. An open call for participation has already gone out, interest has been expressed - why our we moving to reconsider the arrangements after a decision has already been made?

And perhaps I missed this detail, but how did Mike come to be the "group coordinator"?

Apologies for the late reaction to your question, however there has been much ICANN work this summer and this detail had previously escaped my attention.


Ross Rader
Director, Retail Services
Tucows Inc.

t. 416.538.5492

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