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RE: [council] Rome meeting, and WSIS

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  • Subject: RE: [council] Rome meeting, and WSIS
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 03:12:21 -0500
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Although I can only speak for myself, I believe all Board members appreciate
the importance of the Names Council. What you may not realize is that
although many Board members (including myself) were not in physical
attendance during the Tunisia meeting, we were monitoring the Names Council
meeting via web cast from the Board meeting room.

I believe the Board's appreciation of the Names Council's role was evident
by the fact that many of us rearranged our schedules to attend the Names
Council breakfast in Tunisia, as well as the fact that certain key issues
were changed based upon the Names Council's feedback.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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Subject: [council] Rome meeting, and WSIS

I know that our exact date for Council isn't set yet, but I assume it is to
be announced for the next two weeks, therefore, I'd like to introduce three
items for discussion on our upcoming agenda. :

1, Ensuring appropriate time available for dealing with Council's agenda at
2. Attendance/invitation to the Board to attend Council's meeting
3. WSIS follow up

1. As we are beginning to plan for the Rome ICANN meeting, I'd like to
suggest that Council consider the time frame for our meeting and our working
agenda and adjust, IF needed, to ensure that we have time to address in
detail the issues on our agenda. At our last meeting in Carthage, we had a
number of issues to discuss and needed to extend our meeting accordingly.
Fortunately, we were able to do so. However, we may not always be so
fortunate with availability of rooms, staff, bridge, remote participants

I ask that Glen and Bruce look at our planned agenda and determine whether
we may need a longer meeting than the two hours that are usually provided.
After all, Council only meets in person approximately 3 times a year. We
should plan ahead, if needed, for a longer meeting, so that we can fully
address the issues on our agenda.

2. As I've participated in Council at ICANN's meetings, I've noticed a lack
of attendance by the full Board.  Since Council is one of the two important
policy making bodies of ICANN, attendance at the Council meetings should be
of interest and importance for all Board members.

Bruce, perhaps we could discuss, briefly, at our next call, sending an
invitation to both the Board and the GAC to attend the Council's meeting.

3. Finally, I'd like to add the topic of follow up to the WSIS to our
Council agenda. ICANN is a sub-theme to the WSIS activities, but of course,
we are all concerned that the larger set of activities of the private sector
in addressing the WSIS, take into account and fully represent the views of
ICANN's supporters. I'd like to report on the outcome of the WSIS, and
suggest that Council continue to monitor the work underway by the private
sector related to the WSIS, including, as appropriate, providing advice to
the Board on the WSIS activities, and how ICANN might participate in the
larger WSIS activities.



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