GNSO Announcements

Date Title
24 February 2017 GNSO Policy Briefing ICANN58 Edition Published
26 February 2007 GNSO Nomination Template
27 September 2017 GNSO Nominates Candidates for the Third Review of ICANN Accountability and Transparency
26 January 2017 GNSO Nominates Candidates for the Second Security, Stability & Resiliency Review Team (SSR2-RT)
26 April 2017 GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Working Group Engaging with the ICANN Community
24 May 2017 GNSO Initiates the Policy Amendment Process on Specific Red Cross and Red Crescent Names
25 August 2017 GNSO Directs Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance to Explore New Model for Community Collaboration
14 July 2016 GNSO Council votes to permanently Integrate Successful PDP Improvements into the GNSO Policy Development Process
14 July 2016 GNSO Council Votes to Extend the Term of the Current GNSO Liaison to the GAC and Confirms the Extended Timeline for the Selection Process for the next GNSO liaison to the GAC
14 July 2016 GNSO Council Votes to Create a Drafting Team to Further Develop Recommendations to Implement the GNSO's new Roles and Obligations under the Revised ICANN Bylaws
03 October 2016 GNSO Council votes to approve appointment of an Interim GNSO Representative to the Empowered Community Administration
14 October 2016 GNSO Council votes to approve a proposed final framework for future cross community working groups
21 November 2017 GNSO Council Updates – November 2017
27 April 2018 GNSO Council Updates – April 2018
30 September 2018 GNSO Council Update – September 2018
23 May 2019 GNSO Council Update – May 2019
29 May 2018 GNSO Council Update – May 2018
22 April 2019 GNSO Council Update – April 2019
03 October 2016 GNSO Council unanimously decides to validate the FY17 Budget and Cost-Control Processes for the CCWG-Accountability
01 December 2016 GNSO Council Unanimously adopts consensus recommendations from the GNSO Bylaws Drafting Team