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[council] Reminder about WHOIS task force participation:

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:18:34 +0100
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Reminder to the GNSO Constituencies and to GNSO liaisons to the GNSO
Council, to appoint representatives to the 3 WHOIS task forces voted on at
the GNSO Council meeting in Carthage, by Friday 14 November, 2003.

- 1 representative from each constituency
- ALAC liaison
- GAC liaison
- ccNSO liaison
- SECSAC liaison
- liaisons from other GNSO WHOIS task forces
- up to three outside advisors

The ICANN bylaws
5. Composition and Selection of Task Forces

a. Upon voting to appoint a task force, the Council shall invite each of the
constituencies of the GNSO to appoint one individual to participate in the
task force. Additionally, the Council may appoint up to three outside
advisors to sit on the task force. (Each task force member is referred to in
this Annex as a "Representative" and collectively, the "Representatives").
The Council may increase the number of Representatives per constituency that
may sit on a task force in its discretion in circumstances that it deems
necessary or appropriate.

b. Any constituency wishing to appoint a Representative to the task force
must submit the name of the constituency designee to the Staff Manager
within ten (10) calendar days after such request in order to be included on
the task force. Such designee need not be a member of the Council, but must
be an individual who has an interest, and ideally knowledge and expertise,
in the area to be developed, coupled with the ability to devote a
substantial amount of time to task force activities.

c. The Council may also pursue other options that it deems appropriate to
assist in the PDP, including appointing a particular individual or
organization to gather information on the issue or scheduling meetings for
deliberation or briefing. All such information shall be submitted to the
Staff Manager within thirty-five (35) calendar days after initiation of the

The Descriptions of Work for the 3 task Forces:

Title: Restricting access to WHOIS data for marketing purposes

Title: Review of data collected and displayed

Title: Improving Accuracy of collected data

Please inform the GNSO secretariat with the full contact details for the

Thank you very much.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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