Last Updated: 6 January 2012

Council members elected by the "Registrar" Stakeholder Group

  • NorthA (United States of America) - Mason Cole (term expires end of annual meeting 2013)
  • Europe (France) - Stéphane Van Gelder (term expires end of annual meeting 2012)
  • AsiaPac (Israel) - Yoav Keren (term expires end of annual meeting 2013)

Registrar Stakeholder Group Officers
The terms for the Executive Committee Members shall end May 2012.

  • Chair: Graham Chynoweth
  • Vice Chair: Matt Serlin
  • Treasurer: Jeff Eckhaus
  • Secretary: Secretary: Volker Greimann (until June 2012)

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On 14 Dec 2002 the DNSO has been replaced by the GNSO. The last DNSO Registrars Constituency page.

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