The New GNSO Policy Development Process

Last Updated: 18 August 2014
23 June 2010 - 14:00 - 15:30
Silver Hall

Session Leader

Marika Konings
Policy Director


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What It Is | This is an information and consultation session on the Initial Report on the new GNSO Policy Development Process.

Who Should Attend? | Anyone interested in GNSO Policy Development.

Why It's Important | The GNSO Policy Development Process Work Team team was tasked to develop recommendations for a new GNSO policy development process (PDP)). ICANN’s policies have wide-ranging impact on how domain names are handled in the gTLD environment, so the method of developing the policies matters. The Work team has considered questions such as: who has the right to introduce a new issue into the PDP; how much background data should participants have before deciding policy; and, what are the possible outcomes of a PDP? The PDP-WT will present its Initial Report, containing amongst others forty-five (45) draft Recommendations and a flow chart that is intended to serve as the basis for the new Annex A of the ICANN by-laws, for Community feedback and discussion.

An overview will be provided of the main recommendations in the Initial Report followed by community discussion.

Background information:

PDP-WT Initial Report -

Access to the public comment forum from which comments can be posted can be found at