Whois Data Accuracy Study Workshop

Last Updated: 18 August 2014
23 June 2010 - 11:00 - 12:00

Session Leader

David Giza
Senior Director, Contractual Compliance


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What It Is | A discussion of the draft report for the Study of Accuracy of WHOIS Registrant Contact Information. The purpose of this workshop is to review findings of the study and ensuing commentary from the ICANN community, in order to begin shaping the future of the Internet.

Who Should Attend? | All who have an interest in the current and future state of the Whois registry. This includes, but is not limited to, registrar operators, registry operators, trademark attorneys, law enforcement representatives, internet security representatives, and ISPs.

Why It's Important | The Whois Data Accuracy Study provides useful information to ICANN constituencies and the global Internet community on the percentage of accurate Whois data that exists within the Whois registry. Workshop attendees will have an opportunity to express vie

A.    Summarize Whois Accuracy Study (10 minutes)

1.    History – how did we get to this point?
2.    NORC vs. GAO study – explaining the overlap and differences.

B.    Public Comment – Overview and Synopsis (20 minutes)

1.    General Response
2.    WHOIS concerns.