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January 26, 2017 Initial Report on the IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms Policy Development Process (PDP) Published for Public Comment
August 1, 2017 James Bladel Confirmed as the GNSO Representative to the Empowered Community Administration
July 14, 2016 James Bladel, GNSO Council Chair, Discusses the Community's Reaction to the New Meeting Format
March 28, 2016 March 2016 Edition of PDP Update published
March 27, 2017 Mark Your Calendar: Geographic Names Webinar 25 April 2017
May 24, 2017 Matthew Shears Selected for ICANN Board Director Seat 14 Position
March 29, 2017 Post ICANN58 Meeting Report of the GNSO
July 19, 2017 Post ICANN59 Meeting Report – GNSO
February 27, 2017 Pre-ICANN58 Policy Report – GNSO
June 12, 2017 Pre-ICANN59 Policy Report – GNSO
January 21, 2016 Privacy and Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Final Report Approved by the GNSO Council
February 18, 2016 Recommendations Report to the ICANN Board regarding adoption of the Final Report from the Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Policy Development Process (PDP), 18 February 2016
April 11, 2016 The GNSO's Contracted Parties House Has Selected Becky Burr to Succeed Bruce Tonkin for Seat 13 of the ICANN Board
May 2, 2016 The GNSO's Council submit comments on ICANN FY17 Draft Budget and Ops Plan
February 18, 2016 Unanimous Vote by Council to Initiate two-phased PDP (without specifying which Reviews are to be Conducted at which Stage, as this is Expected to be Finalized in the Charter, 18 February
January 28, 2016 Working Group on Next Generation Registration Data Services (RDS) Still Looking for Volunteers