GNSO Council Teleconference Minutes

Last Updated: 2 September 2009
29 January 2009
29 January 2009

Proposed agenda and documents

List of attendees:
Philip Sheppard - Commercial & Business Users C - absent, apologies
Mike Rodenbaugh - Commercial & Business Users C
Zahid Jamil - Commercial & Business Users C.
Greg Ruth - ISCPC
Antonio Harris - ISCPC
Tony Holmes - ISCPC
Stéphane van Gelder - Registrars
Tim Ruiz - Registrars
Adrian Kinderis - Registrars
Chuck Gomes - gTLD registries
Edmon Chung - gTLD registries
Jordi Iparraguirre - gTLD registries
Kristina Rosette - Intellectual Property Interests C
Ute Decker - Intellectual Property Interests C - absent, apologies
Cyril Chua - Intellectual Property Interests C - absent
Mary Wong - NCUC - absent
William Drake - NCUC - absent, apologies
Carlos Souza - NCUC
Olga Cavalli- Nominating Committee appointee
Terry Davis - Nominating Committee appointee
Avri Doria - Nominating Committee appointee

16 Council Members
( 22 Votes - quorum)

Kurt Pritz - Senior Vice President, Services
Denise Michel - Vice President, Policy Development
Robert Hoggarth - Senior Policy Director
Liz Gasster - Senior Policy Officer
Craig Schwatrz - Chief gTLD Registry Liaison
Marika Konings - Policy Director
Margie Milam - Policy Director
Ken Bour - Policy consultant
Julie Hedlund - Policy consultant
Glen de Saint G�ry - GNSO Secretariat

Absent apologies
Olof Nordling - Director, Services Relations and Branch Manager, Brussels office

GNSO Council Liaisons
Alan Greenberg - ALAC Liaison

Rita Rodin - ICANN Board member - absent - apologies
Bruce Tonkin - ICANN Board member - absent apologies

MP3 Recording

Avri Doria chaired the meeting.

Roll Call.

Pierre Bonis, who has taken up a new position with the French Government, has resigned as the ccNSO observer to the Council.

Item 1: Update any Statements of Interest

No Updates.

Item 2: Review/amend the agenda

Agenda accepted.

Item 3: Vote for GNSO Council Vice Chair

Chuck Gomes, the only candidate for the position of GNSO Council vice chair, was nominated by Olga Cavalli, seconded by Stephane van Gelder and provided a candidate's statement on the Council mail server list.

Council approved the election of Chuck Gomes as the GNSO Council vice chair for the period running concurrently with that of the GNSO Council chair for the period 1 February 2009 until the newly structured GNSO Council is seated and a new chair is elected.

Passed by voice vote.

One abstention from Chuck Gomes

Item 4: Vote on Operations Steering Committee (OSC) Charter

Chuck Gomes seconded by Olga Cavalli, proposed the following motion to approve the Operation Steering Committee (OSC) charter


* The GNSO Council reviewed and accepted the new GNSO Improvements Implementation Plan



developed by the Planning Team at its 16 October meeting.

* That Plan called for the creation of an Operations Steering Committee (OSC) to oversee efforts to enhance the GNSO's structure, constituencies, and communications.

* The OSC was formed and held six teleconference meetings and conducted various online discussions as of 21 January 2009.

* The OSC reviewed and modified the draft OSC Charter prepared by the GNSO Improvements Planning Team and recommended that the Council approve the revised draft Charter dated 22 Dec 08.

* The Council discussed the charter in its 8 January 2009 meeting and two Councilors suggested edits.

* All OSC members approved the charter with the proposed edits as found at


* The GNSO Council approves the OSC Charter and directs the OSC to proceed in fulfilling the terms of that Charter.

The motion passed unanimously by voice vote

Item 5:Vote on Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC) Charter

Tim Ruiz, seconded by Greg Ruth proposed the following motion to approve the Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC) Charter


The GNSO Council reviewed and accepted the new GNSO Improvements Implementation Plan developed by the Planning Team at its 16 October meeting.

That Plan called for the creation of a Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC) to oversee efforts to revise and enhance the GNSO's Policy Development Process.

The PPSC was formed and held three teleconference meetings and conducted various online discussions as of 7 January 2009.

The PPSC reviewed and modified the draft PPSC Charter prepared by the 'GNSO Improvements Planning Team and recommends that the Council approve the revised draft Charter dated 7 January 2009 and contained at the committee's wiki site at:


The GNSO Council approves the PPSC Charter and directs the PPSC to proceed in fulfilling the terms of that Charter.

The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Item 6: Individual non-commercial Registrants

An important distinction was made that the motion before the Council related to the GNSO restructuring and was separate from the GNSO improvements that the work teams in the Operations Steering Committee and the Policy Process Steering Committee are working on.

It was further clarified that the At-Large structure was created to include both non-commercial and commercial individual user groups that were interested in participating in ICANN. Although the majority if the individual user groups involved are non-commercial in nature, there are commercial oriented user groups as well.

The Board resolution has caused some confusion and it is difficult to separate some of the issues, but since the GNSO’s working group on restructuring was broadly representative and made the recommendation for the inclusion of individual users and, as the Business constituency representatives also pointed out commercial individual users were also involved, the Board felt that it did not want to limit or narrow the focus of requesting a recommendation on an overall strategic and structure of individual user involvement within ICANN and particularly in the GNSO.

Chuck Gomes seconded by Bill Drake with friendly amendments by Alan Greenberg proposed the following motion on Individual Users in the GNSO


* On 11 December 2008, the ICANN Board approved Resolution 2008-12-11-02 seeking a recommendation on how to incorporate the legitimate interests of individual Internet users in the GNSO in constructive yet non-duplicative ways and requesting that the recommendation should be submitted no later than 24 January 2009 for consideration by the Board.

* In an email message to the GNSO Council list dated 20 January 2009, the ICANN Vice President, Policy Development clarified that the11 December Resolution is an effort to help the Board identify a strategic solution that balances ALAC/At-Large and GNSO opportunities for all user and registrant stakeholders.

* The Working Group on GNSO Council Restructuring Report sent to the ICANN Board of Directors on 25 July 2008 recommended that the Non-Contracted Party/User House would be open to membership of all interested parties that use or provide services for the Internet, with the obvious exclusion of the contracted parties and should explicitly not be restricted to domain registrants as recommended by the BGC and that such recommendation was made in response to the suggestion of the ALAC Liaison to the Council.

* The GNSO Council Chair previously contacted the ALAC Chair and the GNSO ALAC Liaison to discuss this topic.

* The potential members of the two GNSO Council Non-Contracted Party Stakeholder Groups have been tasked with submitting proposed Stakeholder Group Charters to the ICANN Board prior to the Board meeting on 6 March 2009.


* The Council requests the GNSO Council ALAC Liaison in consultation with the ALAC Chair to:

-- Determine whether the ALAC and At-Large community have any concerns with regard to the recommendation that membership in the Non-Contracted Party/User House would be open to individual Internet users in addition to domain name registrants and, if so, to communicate those concerns to the GNSO Council as soon as practical

-- Determine whether the ALAC and At-Large community would like the GNSO to identify some user representatives, especially individual users, who would be willing to work with the ALAC and At-Large community to develop a recommendation regarding the Board's request that could be forwarded to the appropriate groups for their consideration in developing a stakeholder group charter and to the Board for action on GNSO improvement recommendations.

-- If in either case the ALAC or At-large community do not accept this proposal the GNSO council may reconsider the issue.

-- Provide weekly progress reports to the Council list regarding the above.

* The Council directs the Council Chair to:

-- Apologize to the Board that it failed to meet the Board established deadline of 24 January 2009.

-- Inform the Board that the GNSO:

--+ Is awaiting information from the ALAC.

-- + Is willing in cooperation with users to identify user representatives, especially individual users, who would be willing to work with the ALAC and At-Large community to develop a recommendation.

-- + Will promptly consider next steps and respond to the Board as quickly as possible after requested information is received from the ALAC as well any recommendation that may be developed by the ALAC and At-Large community.

The motion passed unanimously by voice vote

Item 7: Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Policy Development Process (PDP)

Marika Konings walked the Council through the Staff response to questions posed on the Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Issues Report

Avri Doria proposed forming a drafting team to decide on next steps and the aim would be to vote on whether or not to launch a policy development process at the Open Council meeting in Mexico City on 4 March 2009.

Action Item: Create drafting team and appropriate mailing server list

Item 8: Registration Abuse Policy WG and PDP

Kristina Rosette reported that the group had produced a draft charter that would shortly be confirmed by the full group.

During the Mexico City meetings a working team meeting and an open workshop are being prepared as a precursor to a potential policy development process (PDP).

Avri Doria noted that Council would be in a position to make a decision when the working group submitted its report on the charter and the proposed motion.

Item 9: Planning for Mexico City

Avri Doria mentioned that there were 2 rooms dedicated to the GNSO working sessions on Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March 2009.

No details have been worked out, but the Policy Process and Operations Steering Committees will tentatively be meeting in the morning and there will tentatively be comments - reviews on the IRTP Part A, and the Fast Flux Initial reports on Saturday afternoon.

9.1 Tentative Agenda 28 February 2009

9.2 Tentative Agenda 01 March 2009

It was suggested that the topics for the Board/GNSO Council/Staff dinner should be of such a nature that Board members need little preparation and find them easy to discuss.

The proposed topics include:

>>New gTLDs and the new applicant Guide book to be published before the Mexico City meetings

>> Public participation - what is the role; what is the plan; what is the direction?

>> Registration abuse

9.3 Tentative Agenda 02 March 2009

Councilors were requested to provide topics for discussion at the cross Advisory Committees and Supporting Organisations (ACSO) meeting.
The purpose of the meeting is for the different groups to come together to start discussing at an early stage community-wide topics of interest.

Support was expressed for a joint ccNSO/GNSO Council meeting and IDN ccTLDs and the Fast Track process were mentioned as possible topics for discussion.

9.4 Tentative Agenda 04 March 2009 Public Meeting

9.5 Tentative Agenda 05 March 2009

Item 10: Status Updates

10.1 Board Update

The next ICANN Board meeting is scheduled for 3 February 2009 and the agenda can be found at:

10.2 Policy Items

10.2.1 RAA future and answers to questions posed at last meeting

Kurt Pritz referred to the email he sent to the Council list describing the options for implementing changes in the RAA.

Avri Doria proposed holding a more substantive RAA discussion during another Council meeting.

10.2.2 gTLD and IDN ccTLDs

No further update.

10.2.3 Geo Regions WG

The first conference call will take place on 3 February 2009.

10.3 Drafting Teams

10.3.1 Whois

The WHOIS Study Drafting Team expects to circulate a motion requesting that staff undertake both cost and feasibility estimates for a subset of the studies. Representatives are encouraged to circulate the motion to their Constituencies

10.3.2 Travel Policy
Olga Cavalli
reported that the travel support table would be updated.

10.4 Working Groups

10.4.1 Fast Flux

Documents in review

10.4.1 IRTP Part A PDP

Documents in review

10.5 GNSO "Improvements"

10.5. 3 Constituency Renewal

Rob Hoggarth reported that the NCUC and the gTLD registry constituency have formally submitted their reconfirmation certificates.

10.5. 4 Stakeholder Group Charters

Avri Doria informed Council that there would be a time slot during the GNSO Open Council meeting on Wednesday 4 March 2009 for a brief presentation from anyone who has filed an initial statement of interest to form a new constituency.

Avri Doria adjourned the GNSO Council meeting and thanked everyone for their participation.

The meeting ended at 21:12 UTC.

Next GNSO Council teleconference will on 19 February 2009 at 19:00 UTC.
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