PDP-Feb06 task force minutes

Last Updated: 31 August 2009
13 September 2006

PDP-Feb06 Task force on Policies for Contractual Conditions:
Existing TLDs Minutes

Proposed agenda and documents

Task force members
Avri Doria - Nominating Committee appointee - acting chair
Marilyn Cade - CBUC
Alistair Dixon- CBUC
Greg Ruth - ISCPC
Ross Rader - Registrars
Jon Nevett - Registrars (Network Solutions)
Jeff Eckhaus - Registrars (Registrar .com)
Ken Stubbs - gTLD registries
David Maher - gTLD registries (PIR)
Cary Karp - gTLD registries
Mawaki Chango - NCUC

Dan Halloran - Deputy General Counsel
Denise Michel - Vice President Policy Development
Liz Williams - Senior Policy Counselor
Glen de Saint G�ry - GNSO Secretariat

GNSO Council Liaisons
Bret Fausett - ALAC Liaison

Bruce Tonkin - Registrar C. - observer - apologies
Maureen Cubberley - Task Force Chair - Nominating Committee appointee - apologies
Milton Mueller - NCUC
Mike Roberts - CBUC
Tony Holmes - ISCPC - apologies
Lucy Nichols - Intellectual Property Interests C - apologies
Ute Decker - Intellectual Property Interests C - apologies
Kiyoshi Tsuru - Intellectual Property Interests C - apologies
Sophia Bekele - Nominating Committee appointee - apologies
Antonio Harris - ISPC
Tony Holmes - ISPC - apologies
Paula Breuning - NCUC

MP3 Recording

Note: The following is the output of transcribing from an audio recording of the PDPFeb06 task force call on 13 September 2006. Although the transcription is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the meeting, but should not be treated as an authoritative record. The audio is also available at: MP3 Recording


The Acting Chair, Avri Doria sent the following communication to the Task Force Chair, Maureen Cubberley:

1. As you saw on the list, Marilyn has proposed a rapporteur strategy that involved forming several issue teams that would work to resolve sets of issues. The idea, which is laid out in detail by MC in the minutes, involves picking approximately. 3 topics - clusters of questions that remain to be resolved and have 2 co-rapporteurs run calls and try to intensively resolve their issues within a few weeks. These were portrayed as providing assistance to you as the chair in making progress toward our goals; in a sense functioning as assistant chairs (though not really since ICANN does not have a notion such as this, just as we don't have a notion of co-chairs)

Since you were not there, and since this was a recommendation on methodology being made to the chair, we could not decide on it but I was asked to pass on the recommendation. We also collected the opinions of those on the call about this. As there was strong support from the participants who spoke up - with nobody speaking against, you are asked to decide on this methodology as soon as possible and then either initiate it or offer an alternative process for resolving the open issues and for moving the work along.

2. There was a discussion on the schedule for the next meeting. According to those on the call there was an acceptance of 29 September. Not only would this allow all those on the call to attend, but would allow the meeting to occur after the council meeting. This is seen as important because of the request sent to the council pertaining to the relevance of the Task force. At least one member, David, sees no reason to do anything if there is a chance that the council will respond to the latter with an indication of the group's irrelevance. I must admit I did not fully understand David's point, but I do believe that it would be good to have the council respond that of course we continue our work no matter how they answer the specific question about contracts and consensus policy.

3. There was an issue of the face to face meeting that some of the TF members thought had been scheduled. Are we having such a meeting, and if so when? Part of the question hinges on whether you had made the formal request to Bruce. It seems that the policy for interim f2f meeting involves Bruce, as chair of the council making a formal request of ICANN for the needed support. Please let the TF mailing list know about the status of the interim face to face meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 23: 14 CET, 21:14 UTC

Next task force teleconference:

Friday 29 September at 19:00 UTC