GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda

Last Updated: 21 August 2009
16 October 2003

Proposed GNSO Council Agenda Thursday , October 16/17, 2003

This agenda was established according to the Rules of Procedure for the DNSO Names Council

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 21:00 - see below for local times

Bruce Tonkin will be chairing the GNSO Council teleconference.
Scheduled time for meeting - 120 mins.

Dial-in number sent individually to each Council member.

1. Approval of Agenda

Item 1. Given that the ICANN President has requested that the GNSO:

"formulate a proposal for a timely, transparent and predictable procedure for the introduction of new registry services, including as to how a reasonable determination of the likelihood that a proposed change will have adverse effects. This process, to be conducted under the GNSO's new streamlined policy development process, should be completed by 15 January 2004."

- Discussion of this request with the ICANN President and General Counsel,
- Plan how to meet this request in the time frame suggested.

Proposed motion for voting at the Council teleconference Thursday/Friday 16 / 17 October 2003:

"The GNSO Council requests that the Staff Manager produce an Issues Report, consistent with Article 1: Mission and Core Values of ICANN's bylaws, on the need for a predictable procedure for the introduction of new Registry Services (as defined in the gtld registry agreements)"

Item 2. Any other business

(14:00 LA, 17:00 New York, 23:00 Paris, 6:00 Japan/Korea, Friday 17 October, 7:00 Melbourne Friday 17 October
Local time between April and October, Summer in the NORTHERN hemisphere
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Jerusalem, Israel UTC+2DST 23:00
Seoul, Korea UTC+9+0DST 6:00 Friday 17
Melbourne, Australia UTC+10+0DST 7:00 Friday 17
Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand UTC+12+0DST 10:00 Friday 17
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