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Last Updated: 14 December 2012
18 January 2006
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Whois Task Force

The Whois Task Force has published their Final Preliminary Task Force Report on the Purpose of Whois (PDF ). Comments are sought; the comment period is from 19 January 2006 to 08 February 2006. Comments may be submitted to the email address <> . Archives of the comments are at <>

Public Comment Forum on GNSO Review: DRAFT Terms of Reference

Background Documents
Public comment period from 27 October 2005 to 17 November 2005
Submit comments to: <>

Public Comment Forum on Combined WHOIS task force (1,2 & 3) Preliminary Report on a policy recommendation and advice on a procedure for handling conflicts between a registrar/registrybs legal obligations under privacy laws and their contractual obligations to ICANN

Public Comment Forum on the Initial Report v4 Process for use by ICANN in considering requests for consent and related contractual amendments to allow changes in the architecture operation of a gTLD registry.

Public Comment Forum on Combined Whois Task Force Final Report

Independent GNSO Council Review

Designating a successor operator for the .net registry - initial GNSO report

Approval Process for gTLD Service Changes